Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pepper Lunch

Sis wanted to try Pepper Lunch for around two months now,so off we went last sunday to Powerplant Mall in Rockwell (where we accidentally stumbled upon the Baker's Dozen)

Everything looks good in the menu
Pepper Lunch uses a patented iron plate which uses a special electromagnetic cooker that heats up the plate to 260°C in 70 seconds.They say that meat grilled in this temperature remains tender and juicy.
We ordered Seaweed Salad (P99) This tastes different but good.
We weren't able to "Shake! Shake!" the salad because the cup was so full...Laughter
There are two kinds of sauce available: Garlic Soy sauce and Honey Brown Sauce.
The Honey Brown sauce is a little spicy.
Cut Steak and Burger Combo ala carte( P280)
This was Sis's order.The Steak is fatty and doesn't look like the one in the menu.
Hitokuchi Cut Steak ala carte (P270)
This was my order.The same a s the meat in Sis's order.I am not satisfied at all.
My order as it was cooking
I wasn't really satisfied with my Pepper Lunch experience but go ahead and try it for yourself.Who knows?? You will be ordering a different thing from the menu and you might like the experience.
Now I'm looking forward in trying it's Pinoy counterpart: Sizzling Pepper Steak in Trinoma

Pepper Lunch
Food Court Level 
Powerplant Mall.


Mommy Liz said...

Oh with this post, I miss my sister. Whenever I go to the Philippines, we always go out to eat. We're both food lovers. Kaya ang mga katawan namin ang lalaki..
Your pictures are great, I am getting hungry just by looking at it..
Have a great day and Thanks for stopping by at my site...

Anonymous said...

Nyum, kakagutom dito :D
Parang gusto ko tuloy magdinner uli hehe.

Anonymous said...

hey! that's my fave lunch/dinner here in tokyo too ;-)

inyang said...

next time try mo ang beef pepper rice or ung burger steak ... masarap sya ... pramis!

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