Monday, November 30, 2009

Ykaie, the food blogger

Paborito kong laruin dati ang pingan-pingganan at lutu-lutuan. Ngayon, ito rin ang paboritong laruan ni Ykaie. Kanina hawak nya ang mga maliliit na kaldero at sandok, hinahalo-halo nya ang mga maliliit na ipit nya sa buhok at sapatos ng Barbie na bigay ng Ninong nya nung birthday nya. Noong "luto" na yung ipit at sapatos, ipinuwesto nya na ang mag kaldero, sabay kuha ng laruang camera. Aba, piniktyuran ang mga niluto nya.....hahaha

Ginagaya ako! Food Blogger din...hahaha. Palibhasa nga'y yun ang nakikita nya sa akin kaya ganun din ang mga ginagawa nya....Tawa ako ng tawa....This made my day....

Decluttering your Computer

 Its very easy to declutter your workspace in the house or in the office. All you need are some cleaning materials. A little sweep here, some throwing and wiping there and you are all done. It's harder to declutter your computer because you can't just throw away some of the files that you don't need. Sometimes, its even harder just to find them.

That's what duplicate files finder are for.Moleskinsoft's Clone Remover is a small shareware utility which find duplicate files and removes them. This best works on Windows, whether PC or laptop. It searches for duplicate files, whatever it is,and deletes them in a safe way. No harm done to your other files.

Here are five ways to search for  duplicate files:
1. By Contents - Files may have different names but the same content and they maybe located in different folders.
2. By MP3 Title - this is a great way to clean up your disk space.
3. By Properties
4. By Similar Images - these are images that are the same but is different in size or caption
5. Files with zero size - these are totally useless files that really needs deleting.

Does your PC need decluttering? Check out the free download here.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Feeling ko malapit na ang Birthday ko

Well, ilang araw na lang kasi at siguradong may-I- add na naman ng one thousand year ang aking age. Siguro feeling nyo listahan ito ng aking wish pero hindi naman kayo nagkakamali, talagang WISHLIST ko ito..hahahahaha. Okay lang kesehoda matupad naman sya o hinde, mailabas ko lang ang aking saloobin. Actually, may natanggap na nga akong gift. Advanced birthday gift daw according to my beautiful sisteringking.

Isang katerbang mga basu-basuhan dahil mahilig daw ako sa kape at syempre lalagyanan din ng mga kung anik-anik na niluluto ko para dun sa food blog ko. Hay, ansarap kaya makatanggap ng regalo...kaya naman kung may regalo kayo sa akin, wag na wag kayong mag-atubiling ipadala ito sa bahay namin. Pwede cash or in kind, I also accept gift cheque, relief goods, card, text message, hug o kahit na ano na lang na bukal sa puso nyong ibibigay....hahahaha......para akong naghihingi ng donasyon...wehehe. Actually, yung alam ko lang na sinusubaybayan nyo tong blog ko, super touched na ako.. O siya tama na tong mga ka-ek-ekan na ito..


Gusto kong ma-experience magpahinga dito, feeling ko masarap magpahinga dito kahit na isang araw lang. Wala lang, maiba lang ang ihip ng hangin sa utak ko. Nakakasawa na kasi itong shop-bahay-mall routine.

Gusto ko bumalik sa Sonya's Garden. Bakit? To tell you honestly, unang-una, kasi di ako masyado nakapag-picture nung magpunta kami dun and I'm sure a lot of things has changed since then.Pangalawa, syempre gusto ko magpahinga.

Baka sabihin nyo naman an sosyal ng pahingahan ko, di naman ako mayaman.Well, feeling ko kailangan ko ito dahil baka mag-short circuit ang buong pagkatao ko sa Stress.Feeling ko lang naman. Echusera! Pero knowing peanutbutter na ubod ng at nuknukan ng KJ [Sobrang dami ng dahilan, lahat na lang ng gusto kong puntahan, ayaw]. Hindi ako makakapunta dito, unless regaluhan ko ang sarili ko[buntung-hininga], na ayoko naman gawin dahil baka himatayin ako at masyado akong ma-surprise.

......wala ata akong maisip........ bukas na lang...

good night! mwah!

Friday, November 27, 2009

So I think I'm busy....

♥ Kailangan ko na iinstall ang switcher ng DOTA sa lahat ng computer sa shop. So far, may tatlong computer na akong natapos. I've been updating almost everyday for the past two weeks. Feeling ko nagiging- OC na ako.

♥Kailangang-kailangan ko na palinisan tong aircon ko dito. Sigurado akong dadaigin nito ang Farmville sa dami ng alikabok na naging lupa na naipon dito. Ang problema ko, kung san ako hahanap ng maglilinis at maglalagay ng freon nito...

♥ I made my menu for this week and half next week and I'm hoping I could stick to it. I'm lucky if I could make at least four of the things that I listed, specially now that I'm the one taking care of Ykaie most of the time.

♥Before going out, feel ko magsuot ng skirt. Kaya lang I was thinking...kapag tinoyo si Ykaie at naghihiga sa sahig, sigurado di ako pwede magtutuwad.

♥ Kanina, we celebrated my MIL and FIL's 33rd Wedding Anniversary. Kumain kami sa Flavors of China, afterwards my ILs went to see 2012, the movie. Sort of like a date....Sweet no? Yung nanay at tatay ko kasi di nila feel ang mga ganyang activity. Mas feel nila magsungitan,heehee. Anyways, I treated peanutbutter for a massage at The Spa, then Roman and I went to the CBTL....I tried their Moroccan Mint Tea, which I didn't like by the way,  I know I should've gone for the Ginseng Peppermint. Roman found a new favorite when I bought him The Ultimate Mocha.Syempre after coffee and tea, anu fa? Ykaie's rides at the Timezone.

Gosh, A few more pounds and I think I'm gonna burst!

Bago man lang ako sumabog, makagawa nga ng wishlist bukas...good night!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

GT: Fave Birthday Gift

My favorite birthday gift ever received was given by my then boyfriend,now hubby peanutbutter.

Yup, you guessed it! A night at Sonya's Garden. A B&B tucked in the rolling hills of Tagaytay.

I love travelling. I love Bed & Breakfasts. And I love lazy mornings....Well, this I haven't done lately. Imagine my surprise when he told me about this one relaxing,romantic day....

I wanna go back to Sonya's Garden one of these days....I wanna enjoy a day with good food, no work, and of course, I want a relaxing massage.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kaya Korean Restaurant

.....because peanutbutter is craving for Kimchi.Who craves for Kimchi, anyway? Personally, I am not a fan of it nor do I crave for it but I love a good Korean Barbecue.

Soup, included in the meal. It has very thin egg strips and chives.At syempre, knowing Ykaie na mahilig sa soup. Sya lang ang nakaubos ng soup ko.

Kalbi Gui Bap (P 225)
This is the House Specialty. It simply means marinated short ribs and rice. I love how this dish taste pero sobrang bitin ang isang order.

a closer look

Kimchi (P35)
Kimchi is a very popular Korean side dish made of pickled vegetables with varied seasonings. Di kami masyado close nito..

Talangkanin/ Aligue Bibimbap (P220)

I ordered this dish because I was intrigued by the thought that it was popularized by the Telenovela "Only You" which stars Angel Locsin.
This is Korean Bibimbap with a Filipino twist. The meal includes rice,carrots, aligue, squid rings,mushroom, sunny-side up egg, shrimp,sesame seeds, bean sprouts and spinach.

I love the over-all taste but this is one heavy meal! Heavy on the tummy and in the pocket as well.

At si Ykaie na gaya-gaya. Hinihiram ang camera at pipiktyuran daw nya ang rice nya na pagkapangit-pangit. Sabi ko picture-an ko na lang sila ng rice nya.....hahahahaha.Ayan nakangiting tumabi sa rice na kakarimpot!

Kaya Korean Restaurant
1/Lvl., Robinsons Place Expansion Mall,
Ermita, Manila

You Don't Have to Fall In Line for Premium Seats

I am not a sports fan on the other hand, sometimes the husband is not satisfied in watching sports on TV. He watches them live together with a few of his friends. Since his working schedule changes from time to time, he often ask me to get the tickets for him. If its not a very important game, its easy to get tickets. If it's a game everyone's been waiting for, getting tickets will take you hours on the phone or waiting in line. Sometimes, there's even a chance that the tickets are already sold out when its your turn to buy them.

So whether you are looking for Wachovia Center Tickets, BCS National Championship Tickets, Jersey Boys Tickets or any other game tickets, can provide you premium seating without waiting in line or on hold for numerous hours. You can even choose your own seat because you are able to browse through different seating sections and prices. They even give customers access to tickets that doesn't go on sale to the general public like the Super Bowl.

Cheese-y enough? Be a Part of a Record-Breaking Event!

Cheese is one of my favorite ingredients in the whole world. Why? Because cheese is a very versatile ingredient.You can use it in both sweet and savory dishes. It'll make your dishes creamier and more delicious. You can also eat cheese by itself, making it very useful as an appetizer or a snack. But not all cheeses are equal in quality.I prefer Kraft Eden Cheese in all my cheese recipes.

Last Saturday was the celebration of Ykaie's 2nd Birthday and I made Sausage and Cheese Florets for the appetizer. I tried to use another brand of cheese but the other brand easily dries up and most of the time it doesn't hold its shape because its too soft. Kraft Eden Cheese not only tastes better but since it is a better quality cheese,the florets stayed in shaped and didn't dry up.

Curious about the recipe? Check it out at I also submitted the recipe for my Salami and Cheese Roll-Ups. You can also submit yours and let the whole world discover your delicious cheese recipes.

Just sign-up and you'll also get a free Gift Pack Coupon that you can present when you join us at the Araneta Coliseum on December 14, 2009. This is a delicious world record-breaking event featuring 5,000 dishes.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adjustment Period

After ng birthday ni Ykaie,kinabukasan umuwi na ng Palawan si Tita Eva. Tutal malaki na si Ykaie,pwede na nya iwanan.I know she would miss Ykaie pero alam ko rin na mas gusto nya sa Palawan.Mas gusto nya kasi ang buhay dun.
So medyo mahirap ang adjustment ngayong wala akong mapag-iwanan kay Yk kapag may gagawin sa shop. Katulad ngayong gabi, nandito si ykaie shop,nakahiga sa lap ko at nagpapaantok,habang nanonood ng Tinkerbell. Hati kami sa computer screen, ako naman,nagba-blog sa kabilang side ng isang kamay lang ang gamit..hahaha. Limampung beses ko na kasi napanood tong Tinkerbell na to.
Hay, kung pwede lang sana na alagaan ko na lang si yk the whole day.... or better yet, sana pwede ko sya ikuha ng yaya,kaya lang di ko naman afford magpa-sweldo ng dalawang helper.
*Sigh* Makataya na nga sa lotto bukas.......

Shomal Kebabs and Curries by Hossein

Ykaie's birthdate is really November 19th. We scheduled the party last November 21st because it was a saturday. On the 19th, we went out and treated Ykaie to a some rides and games at the mall.

Dinner was something Persian.I totally loved the ambience in this restaurant.Feeling ko sobrang elegant.

Happy Ykaie

We were a little playful after telling the waiter our orders...May salamin dun sa likod ng couch na inuupuan namin, so naglaro-laro muna kami.

Chelou Beef Kebab
A stick of beef kebab topped in saffron rice and grilled tomato.

Shish Kebab
Marinated chunks of tenderloin, skewered and charbroiled. It comes with two pieces of pita bread, garlic sauce and hot sauce.This is soooo good. I'll probably be back here to order the lamb.

Hot sauce and Garlic sauce
The waiters are very nice and very attentive to our needs at this restaurant.

Pita Bread
The pita bread was soft and warm.Perfect with the beef tenderloin chunks...

An after dinner photo....time to go home...isang shot muna outside with daddy..

Shomal Kebabs & Curries
Level 4
Trinoma Mall
Quezon City

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 19, 2009

This is Ykaie's real birthdate.Ginawa lang namin saturday ang celebration para maka-attend yung mga invited kasi malamang may work sila on weekdays. Since rest day naman ni peanutbutter, we treated Ykaie at the mall.

I can't believe she's old enough to enjoy some of the kiddie rides.

We also played some of the kiddie games after this mini-helicopter ride. Then, we watched 2012. Ykaie loved watching movies in the big screen while munching some popcorn.

at ito ang itsura nya nung pauwi na kami. Pina-upo muna namin habang nakapila kami sa taxi lane.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ykaie's 2nd Birthday : Dora Garden Party

Ykaie's favorite cartoon character is Dora The Explorer. So we decided to have a Dora Garden Themed Birthday Party for her second birthday. Sis and I worked really hard for this garden themed party.I don't have a lot of pictures this time. Super Haggard ako kakaluto.Here are the pictures:

Special Thanks to Nongnang Roman for helping with the preparations... Di na nakapagpa-picture at haggard na ang lola Roman nyo!

A closer look: Spaghetti, peanutbutter & Jelly Sandwich, Salami and Cheese Roll-ups, Caramel Apple, Rockin' Barbecue, Sweet Chili Meatballs, Cheese and Sausage Florets, Fresh Fruit kabobs, garden Sugar Cookies, Cutie Cupcakes and Dirt Cakes.

Ykaie eating lollipop...

Dora paper plates,napkins and cups

These are the prizes for the party games. Sayang at umulan nung hapon kaya naman hindi natuloy yung ibang parlor games.

We had a Candy Bar. We gave the guests some Dora lootbags and let them put their own candy loots in their bag! I can tell they had so much fun.

We had chips, some salted pretzels and of course, Cheese Fountain to drizzle over those yummies!We had some taco beef on the side for toppings.

Since its a Garden Party, Ykaie's cake were dirt cakes. Sis made the "big cake" in the Wheelbarrow and I made the little cuppies in those cute terracota pots.

The PiƱata

The pabitin and palayok

Here we are, getting ready to sing the "Happy Birthday" song.

Ykaie loved it and asked for an encore of the "Happy Birthday" song. She blew the candle twice...heehee

Ykaie at the Cheese fountain

In this picture: my cousin ate Thess. She hosted the parlor games. Seated are nieces: Chellie and Shy and My good friend Rence and Hubby Allan.

Too many to mention dito sa picture na ito..hahaha. Na-cut pa si Tita Dj, Si Tito Mark lang ang kita.

In this picture: si peanutbutter at Tita Eva pinapabasag na kay Ykaie yung isa sa mga palayok para makapag-agawan na yung mga kids.

Tita Cecil and her three princesses

Its really a good thing that we had taken a few pictures before it rained. A few minutes after this pictures was taken, it rained and everybody went inside.We never got to continue the parlor games.

Ykaie was caught sneaking some candy from the candy!

Rence and Bren. Bren was able to come too but she was kinda late. These are my good friends from highschool and Ykaie's godmoms. We talked until around 10pm.

Ykaie was so excited to open her was so hard to make her smile and pose first before opening her gifts.

 I hope you had a great time despite of the rain.You made it so memorable for my little angel.
Thank you so much for coming to Ykaie's 2nd Birthday everyone!

For the close up of the Party Food go to The Peach Kitchen.[<< click]

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