Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wants for 2010

Before I list down my New Year's Resolution for the coming year.I'd like to make a list of some of the things that I want to buy or some of the things that I'd like to have this upcoming year.

For me:

1. Nikon D60- First on the list of course is a DSLR. I've been taking pictures with a point and shoot and I think it's time to level-up my pictures.

2. Skechers Shape-Ups- I used to wear lots of rubber shoes before but since flipflops became the latest trend I've been wearing them where ever I go. I've been wanting to wear rubber shoes again and since they say this can help slim me down, then this is my first choice [lol]

3. Rain Necklace - Since I'm a rain-lovin' person I think I have got to have this. It's so cute!

4. My number four would be a new bag but I  haven't found something I like......yet.

For the Kitchen:
5. An ice cream maker for the summer. I want to experiment with some new ice cream flavors!

6. Our dining table can only sit 2-3 persons and its pretty old. It would be nice if I can have one of those Italian dining tables that looks very very elegant.Not only can it sit more than three but it's really pretty too!

For the Family:

7. A really nice vacation or getaway.  I want to go and rest even for a couple days somewhere where I can't see even the shadow of my computer shop.

For the Bedroom:

8. Hopefully, a new bed and some crisp new bedsheets! Our bed is really,really old.
[Picture's taken from slmetalworks]

9.A portable DVD player.So we can watch movies anytime..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Si Ykaie at ang Pop Pop

May field trip na naman kaming mag-nanay kanina sa ospital at si Ykaie 2am pa lang may LBM na. Sabayan pa ng pagsusuka.Susko, sobrang nag-alala ako at si Ykaie di naman nag-LBM yan kahit ano pa ang kainin. Tapos naalala ko na nagpapautok yung mga bata ng Pop Pop kagabi. Sabi ko, baka mamaya ay naisubo ni Ykaie yung Pop Pop. at Tama nga ako, naisubo nga ni Ykaie. Syempre kahit na nailuwa nya yun, meron pa rin syang nalunok kahit papano. Nakakaloka! Kung sumuka ay ga-drum.Ang dame!

Okay pa rin naman sya ngayon kahit papaano...I just have to keep her hydrated with ORS...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Stick House

 "mommy, can I have some ice cream?"
When I saw the Stick House for the first time, I just took, like a, 3-second glance and thought, Oh its ice cream on stick then I went on my way.
Yesterday, we  planned to watch I Love You, Goodbye but weren't able to because there were lots of people and we were too lazy to fall in line. What we did was took the kids for kiddie rides.It took us 30 minutes in line for a 3-minute ride. Talk about people spending what they got for Christmas.

It was after that ride when I saw the Stick House again. This time, I lingered a bit and found out out that these are actually Gelato on a Stick. I Gelato! I have to try this.
There were lots of flavors. Premium: Pistachio and Coffee (P80)
                                         Regular:   Milk Cream and Chocolate (P70)
                                         Sorbet:    Strawberry and Mango (P60)

You can also opt to have some toppings for your gelato. The available toppings are Almond, Hazelnut, and Coffee for P25 (full) and P15 (half). Pistachio is also available but it's more expensive, P40(full) and P25(half)

Pistachio Ice Cream with Full Pistachio Topping (P120)

Pistachio Ice Cream half-dipped in Chocolate (P100)
I swear it was Belgian Chocolate that this ice cream was dipped into. It was so  smooth and creamy. It was perfect, perfect, perfect. peanutbutter loves Pistachio ice cream. He's got to try this! As for me, I'll have to go back and try all those yummy flavors.

Stick House
4th level 
Trinoma Mall
(near the cinema)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Last Christmas [2008] : The Pictures, The Food

Our family isn't that complete these Christmas but we had fun, specially because all the kids in the family were present.

If you wanna check out our CHRISTMAS FEAST, please drop by THE PEACH KITCHEN.

Our Family Picture: I am right there, hiding at the back of my brother..too fat this year..harhar..

The Kids from L to R: Chellie, Thea& Cyvinne, Ehm, Zoe, Shy, Niko& Gab, Kakai and Ykaie

Here I am, getting my gift from Santa [my father]

Ykaie is not in the mood to get her gifts, she just wants to play with her cousins..

Thea, Ykaie, Eio and Zoe

Ykaie is really close to her Kuya Kakai

Look at that says, I don't wanna take pictures anymore...

Come night time,We had some games for the kids and here, they are dancing to the tune of NOBODY..

Ykaie was hogging the

It looks like she's singing really well but she was the only one who understood what she was singing..heehee. It was a great day. I had so much fun.

Can't wait for our New Year's Celebration!


Nakakalurky naman! Nagsisikipan na ng sobra ang mga pantalon ko at nagpuputukan ang mga T-Shirts ko. Umaatikabo na naman ang heartburn ko sa dami ng lafang sa kabahayan. My gas! nakakatakot na itong heartburn na ito.
Kanina pa naman ay nakikipag-meeting ako kay Sis at kay Ate Thess a.k.a. cousin with "pitong salbabida" in the house [bilbil] na mag-ala The Biggest Loser Contest kami starting January 2. As in may pot money kami at ang may pinakamaraming ma-lose in two months sya ang kukuha ng pot money.
Well, I have decided. Sisimulan ko na bukas ang aking OATMEAL BREAKFAST. Nakakalurky ang heartburn! Ansaket! Nagsimula na naman sya...


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

LP: Regalo

Hindi pa man dumarating ang Pasko ay mayroon na kaming natanggap na regalo ni Ykaie.Noong nakaraang Sabado ay may Christmas kita-kits kami ng ilang kaibigan at ito ang ilan sa natanggap namin.

Galing ito kay DJ. Alam nyang gustong-gusto ko sa Sonya's Garden at alam nya rin na mahilig ako sa massage kaya nya siguro naisip na i-regalo ito sa akin. Feel na feel ko ang regalong ito...hehehe..makapagpa-masahe nga kay peanutbutter.

Ito naman ay galing kay Romelia. Hindi ko inaasahan na may regalo sya sa aming lahat. Ang cute ng Santa Claus na ito. May hawak pang cookie at mug ng hot chocolate. Bawi ako sa'yo sa susunod na kita-kits,Melia. Pramis...
Salamat ng bonggang-bongga!

ito ang aking lahok para sa. Maligayang Pasko!

Mini Christmas Party with Friends

When: Last Saturday
Where: Dj's house
Who: Me, Ykaie, Dj, Yanna, Romelia, T.Y. and Rence
Ayan at nagka-chikahan kami last saturday sa super cute house ni DJ. Si Ykaie ay luray-luray na sa picture na ito,bago kami magpunta ay very posh ang porma nya. Si Yanna naman ay may topak na dahil groggy na ito at gusto na matulog.
Kung tutuusin ay lilima lang kaming nag-party-party-han pero ang dami naming lafang.

DJ was very sweet. She cooked Tuna Pasta....

and prepared some Tacos...

I bought Choco Caramel Roll from Red Ribbon....

The gelatin was made by DJ's mom and the Leche Flan..feeling ko binili, kasi oh? nakabalot pa at take note, naka-scotch tape. pero in fairness, masarap sya...

Rence, TY and Romelia brought Lasagna from Greenwich....

and Choco Marjolaine. Sa totoo lang di ko alam kung sino talaga ang bumili ng mga yan, so sila na lang tatlo.Grabe, ang dami naming lafang! Akala mo isang katerba kaming magpa-party.

I'm really glad that I have friends like these. Kasi sa totoo lang,back then I wasn't too friendly. Lately na lang yata na-develop ang pagiging super friendly ko. DJ and I  weren't even that close. Si rence, close ko na yan talaga.Si TY at Romelia, I've talked them once or twice in a week. Minsan hindi pa, minsan every first friday of the month kapag may mass. But having bonding time and meeting them frequently, I feel closer to them.And these things? they are things that really count in life.....they are treasures....they are priceless. They make me embrace life and appreciate it more...

Kaya sa susunod na piktyuran?....kailangan talaga payat na ako..Ahahahahahaha
*Hugs to everyone*Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Healthy Shabu-Shabu

Shabu-Shabu is Japanese hot pot. We usually don't go to Shabu-Shabu restaurants because its a little more expensive than the normal restos. Kaya lang medyo naglalambing si peanutbutter. It's a first time again after a long time and this is also healthier alternative so...there we went.

She's pretty excited to eat...

We ordered the Beef  Tenderloin Set (P1,900) which is good for four persons. It consisted of four glasses of refillable Iced Tea, a plate of thin beef tenderloin slices......

and a plate of different vegetables like bok choy, pechay, shiitake mushrooms, taro, corn, and carrots.It has two kinds noodles,tofu, squid balls, chicken balls and crabsticks.

You'll have your own pot of soup, an egg, different spices and I guess that's a bowl of beef broth concentrate? I really have no idea what that brown soup is except that it taste like beef and it's really good.

Hot pot with the poached's really good. I guess if you get the hang of it...

It was only me, peanutbutter, my sister who calls herself Anney and Ykaie who ate the whole set so we were really stuffed. It was a lot of food for three and a half people. Come to thin of it, the set can even be good for five.

Ykaie is very pre-occuppied with here bowl of noodles.

Feel na feel, oh? Nakapikit pa....

Hala, labas na dila....yumyum!


Corn Shots!

Seriously..our family needs to go on a!

Healthy Shabu- Shabu
3/F The Block Bldg, North EDSA, Quezon CIty

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dance Caroling

Dito sa amin ay usong-uso ang Dance Caroling,iyon bang nangangaroling sa pamamagitan ng tugtuging pamasko tapos mga naka-costume sila ng pang-pasko din. Katulad nitong mga dance carolers na ito last year. At Dahil kausuhan na ang Caroling ay heto na naman po ang mga dance carolers at mas dumami pa sila.

Ang nakakalurky pa, ay parang hindi na pang-Christmas ang mga sinasayaw nila. Katulad na lang nitong isang ito.Susko! Natakot ang anak ko! Mukha silang mga creepy clowns na nagsasayaw ng kung anu-ano.

Naku mga bata, Pasko na...baka akala ninyo ay Halloween pa. Dapat ay sweet-sweet-an at adorable ang dance number nyo at hindi nakakakilabot.

Eto pa, Simula ng nauso ang kantang "NOBODY" ng Wondergirls ay wala ng ibang sinayaw ang mga dance carolers kundi "Nobody". Siguro mga 15 times kong naririnig ang "Nobody" gabi-gabi mula ng mag-December na. Nakaka-ulaw....

Isa pa to, Nobody rin ang sinasayaw nyan. Buti na nga lang at sinabayan ni Ykaie at nai-video ko pa!
Uso ba sa inyo ang dance caroling?

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