Wednesday, December 2, 2009

GT: Birthdate?

Malapit na ang birthday ko! Akalain nyo yun? I'll be celebrating my birthday next Friday, December 11. So if ever na may regalo kayo, wag na kayong mag-atubiling ipadala ito sa bahay namin. Kahit ipukol nyo na lang sa bintana ko habang natutulog ako...carry lang. Pag gising ko na lang tsaka ko bubuksan..hehehe.

Kidding aside, here are some stuff I gathered about people born on this date:

Intellectually gifted, a Sagittarius born on December 11 can transform their world. They are ambitious, though not in the material sense. A strong emotional nature makes them intense. They are likely to be extremely passionate about their political views, especially in matters that affect the environment. They need to make a difference.

Friends and Lovers

Women born on this date are usually the center of attention. Relationships are just as likely to cause pain as happiness. The fairy-tale aspect of romance attracts them. This is sometimes their unconscious way of setting themselves up for failure,since they don't always believe they deserve happiness in love.
* Huh? totoo ba ito?

Children and Family

They may not understand their motivations, but December 11 people need to reconnect with their childhood. They are ambivalent about having children, since career plans generally drive them. Yet once they commit, they amaze themselves with their involvement.


December 11 people can usually count on good health. Despite this, they may have some bad habits. Smoking or overindulgence in alcohol can be especially harmful to them. Poor eating habits can rob them of vitality. They need to eat more meat and dairy products, as well as take calcium supplements.

Career and Finances

These energetic and committed individuals need to believe in their ability to make the world a better place through their work. When their resources permit, December 11 people contribute to charities and worthwhile causes. Although they enjoy their creature comforts, money isn't an important factor in their lives.

Dreams and Goals

Making a difference is what it's about for December 11 people. If they have the chance to heal someone's emotional pain because of their experience, they're willing to. Personal goals often revolve around travel and learning. They are lifelong students who never pass up an opportunity to expand their horizons.
* This one is true...

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Fresh Local and Best said...

Happy early birthday! After reading this, I want my charts read too!

maruh said...

Happy birthday in advance!! have a wonderful one :)

nuts said...

lapit na ah, happy birthday!!!

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