Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yogi Berry

There are  lots of self-served, weight-based frozen yogurt establishments that are sprouting around the metro and they have become our prime target. If you are a follower of this blog I'm sure you already know how addicted I am to frozen yogurts. My first stop was Tutti Frutti in Glorietta. This was my second-- our second, I have a two year old froyo monster {named Ykaie} always in tow.
I think the price is pretty cheap. Froyo is for P15/oz compared to Tutti Frutti's P20/oz. They also have a variety of toppings. The flavors I've tried are: Chocolate, Banana, Peach, Original and Honeydew. I like Original and Peach.
Different Flavors of froyo with cherries, strawberry and mochi toppings{P200++}
Ykaie has her own cup of original and peach froyo with what else but candy sprinkles on top!
My sister who calls herself Anney is in the picture. Can you see her?

Yogi Berry
2nd Level SM The Block
Quezon City

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bonding over Ice Cream

We went to the mall see Vampires Suck but sadly it was R-18 and Ykaie is not allowed. We ended up watching Mamarazzi. Some parts of the movie are corny but most of it are so funny, nangawit ang ngala-ngala ko sa katatawa. Then it was ice cream time after the movie.
 Belgian Chocolate for Ykaie & Green Tea for me
What better way to bond with my little one than with one our favorite desserts-- Ice Cream!! Ykaie chose Belgian Chocolate with her favorite topping,sprinkles and for me...well, I was craving for some green tea ice cream since last week so I tried Haagen-Dazs' but I was disappointed. It lacks strong matcha taste. I should've gone for the new flavor -Caramel Biscuit and Cream.
I think it's somehow good that the green tea ice cream  doesn't have strong matcha taste because Ykaie likes it.
While waiting for a cab,Ykaie played with the water in the fountain. It was a good night.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Macarons from Bizu

No, I didn't have it today, silly. I had this last week together with the froyo from Tutti Frutti. The macarons are for P35 a piece. So far my favorites are the butterscotch and the lemons ones. I have to get myself some of these again soon.....and I have to try some of their truffles too.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yay! I had my Green Tea Blender yesterday...

I craved for this for almost a week and yesterday I got to have it.  This is matcha green tea smoothie topped with green tea flavored yogurt. Oh, it was heaven! The Green Tea Smoothie is for P125. You have to pay an additional P40 for the green tea yogurt topping.

I like the Green Tea Blender from their branch in Greenbelt 3, though. It is thicker and creamier. Now this picture got me craving again....for a Hazelnut Green Tea Frappuccino this time....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nail polish for the......eyebrows??

It's the usual morning today...
naglinis ng shop...
at pagkatapos kong maglinis ng shop....
...nakita ko si ykaie na naglagay ng fuschiang nail polish sa kilay! 
Susme! Ang aga-aga. Gusto kong humagalpak ng tawa. Mas matindi pang pampa-gising sa kape. Di ko alam kung anong pumasok sa isip nya at naisipang ilagay ang nail polish sa kilay nya. Di ko alam kung paano ko pipigilin ang tawa ko, pero pinilit kong mag-seryoso dahil hindi nya ako seseryosohin kapag pinagsabihan ko sya habang tumatawa ako.
Want a closer look?? hahahahahahahahaha..
Buti na lang kiddie nail polish lang yun at natatanggal ng water lang...

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Friday, August 20, 2010

GT: Movie to see with Sis

Kapag si sis and kasama mo manood ng movie. Mas maganda kung comedy ang papanoorin nyo. Hindi mo sya pwede isama sa mga horror o suspense dahil eskandalosa magulat yon. Lahat ng aswang at psycho killer na lalabas sa screen ay siguradong mamumura nya mula ulo hanggang paa. {e.g. Ay Pu%@*&$#!!!} As in!

Mas masaya kung tatawa na lang kayo ng tatawa habang kumakain ng popcorn.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mann Hann with Nanay, Kuya, Ate and the kids...

...and so we were out again. This time napilit ko sumama si ate. At dahil ayaw nya naman magpa-picture, ako na lang ang kasama sa pictures..yehey!!! Reason why we are out??Bumili si nanay ng sidecar para kay Ykaie at Cyra.
Lunch was at Mann Hann. Sa wakas natupad din ang gusto ni Madir na hindi natupad the last time we went out dahil sobrang dami ng waiting. Mann Hann is nanay's current favorite restaurant.
"Ang tagal naman ng pagkain!" yan yata ang dahilan kung bakit nakasibangot si Cyvrine.
Pancit Canton {P245}
This is nanay's favorite among the noodles....
Spicy Spareribs {P250}
Another favorite of hers...
Fish Fillet with Broccoli Flower {P250}
This is my favorite...aside from sweet and sour dishes....
Taosi Fish Fillet {P250}
Truth is, the service was really bad  nung kumain kami. Hindi sabay-sabay dumating ang pagkain at yung Fried Chicken na supposedly food ng 4 kids, hindi nailuto, I had to cancel it dahil kumain din naman sila nung in-order naming ibang dishes.Isa pa tapos na din kami kumain, hindi pa dumadating.
After lunch, syempre more pictures and kiddie rides! I wish every sunday's like this..

Shopping Online for Shop Supplies

I love shopping. That includes shopping at the grocery, at the department store and shopping online.I'm afraid that online shopping has become a hobby because it is so much easier. There is no need to dress-up and to travel to be able to go shopping. You also don't get tired because there is no going from store to store to check and compare prices of the things you want to buy.

You might be wondering what things I love to shop for online. Well, I love to browse around for all kinds of things.Girl things like bags, make-ups and shoes but I spend hours going through bath products specially Bath & Body Works - that's my favorite brand. You don't have to buy them on their regular price, though. You can always buy them on sale or on discount using Savings.com coupons. They have deals and discounts coupons for lots of online stores.

Since I own an internet shop, I'm kind of considering buying my supplies online. I figured I can save a lot using Dell coupons for some accessories and softwares. Hewlett Packard discount codes would also give a me a lot of savings when I buy printer inks. Savings and shopping without hassles.......I think I get a pretty good deal.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Minsan masarap din yung wala kang ginagawa. Parang ang sarap tumunganga sa isang magandang lugar. Yung lugar na may relaxing na ambience......at live music: preferably reggae......while sipping a tall glass of cold piƱacolada.

Hehehe, nangangarap lang.... inaantok kasi ako... Teka, maliligo ako para magising...

madami pa akong gagawin...

Sunday, August 15, 2010


It was two years ago when I first tried Jatujak. I did because I heard a lot of good feedbacks about it.
Pad Thai Noodles {P185}
Two years later, I'm eating tasty rice noodles on a Sunday afternoon because somebody is craving for it --my sissy.
Bagoong Rice {P155}
Fried rice with shrimp paste served with scrabled eggs and green mango.
Moo Grob {P230}
Crispy Pork with Cilantro Relish. It's like a salad with cucumbers and a yummy vinaigrette.

Yes,I know. This would kill me. 
 Mint and Lemongrass {P45}
I let sis try this and she said "Eeww". Ykaie tried this and she had the most icky expession on earth..but I genuinely like it. What can I say? I have weird taste,hee. This is pretty much like the Soynut Butter Thing.

I have to make my own Mint and Lemongrass drink sometime...

4th Level SM The Block
Quezon City

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ykaie and mama

We visited my MIL at the hospital today. She was hospitalized for the same reason my nanay got hospitalized and why ykaie and I had sleepless nights almost two weeks ago.
It's nice to know that she feels a little better now and will be able to go home tomorrow...
Get Well Soon,mama.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

GT: Movie to see with the Husby

This is my ultimate favorite family movie.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One afternoon...

Dahil miss na miss na namin ni ykaie si daddy {a.k.a peanutbutter} lagi namin syang pinagchi-chismisan..
Minsan sa Starbucks....

ME: Ykaie lika, punta muna tayo sa CR bago tayo mag-order...

Habang papunta kami sa CR ay nagku-kuwento ako kay Ykaie about daddy and me..

ME: Alam mo, dati dito kami nagwo-work ni daddy...dito kami nagkakilala..

{Kwento ko, dati nga kasi kaming nagwo-work sa Starbucks}

Si Ykaie naman, napatingin sya sa akin at ang tanong...

YKAIE: San? Sa CR?!

wahahahahah..tumambling ako sa katatawa.......

..napaisip tuloy ako...sa CR kami nagkakilala?? hahahaha

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Last August was when I saw the coffee-flavored froyo at Californiaberry in Galleria. This year, they have Blueberry. Ykaie and I keep on coming back for it. Its so good. You don't even need toppings to eat it. But of, course who can resist three toppings for P30?? So we had the toppings anyway.
P150 for Large Froyo + 3 toppings
Sis had regular frozen yogurt with cherries, kiwi and walnut. Ykaie and I shared blueberry forzen yogurt with kiwi, peaches and cherries. I love that Californiaberry uses bottled maraschino cherries instead of the canned cherries in syrup.

4th level
SM The Block
{near the cinema}

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My so-called herb garden ..

Gardening is not one of my many talents. I woke up one day wanting to grow herbs because I cook a lot and fresh herbs do wonders in cooking. So, I tried to grow an herb garden in one of those window plant boxes. I had Italian Oregano, Dill, Sweet Basil and Rosemary. These are four herbs I use mostly. The window box was located right outside the kitchen window for easy access. I think that it's nice if I can easily reach out the window if I need, say, Rosemary. It would be awesome, don't you think?

Well, I didn't think the herbs like me very much because they died, one by one. I don't want to try growing flowers because believe me, I tried a hundred times and I didn't get to see even one flower growing, much less a bud. Now, my mom can grow flowers. She had chrysanthemums and petunias and bougainvillea growing in our front yard. I suggested she put them in garden window boxes, one of those metal window boxes. It'll make the front of our house prettier. I'm still waiting for her decision...

Friday, August 6, 2010

I think Ykiae is okay now...

Yehey! Nakakain na si Ykaie ng Sopas!!!

Susme! Di ko naramdaman ang buong araw ng huwebes. Paano kasi buong araw akong walang tulog at magdamag na inuubo si Ykaie. Kinabukasan naman dinala ko sya sa pedia para matingnan. Pagdating ko binilhan ko muna sya ng gamot, pinainom at nagbukas ako ng shop hanggang 9pm.

Habang nagbabantay ng shop ay tinitingnan-tingnan ko si ykaie at ako ang gusto nyang nagpapakain at nagpapainom ng gamot sa kanya. After closing time, balik duty ulit.

KALURKINESS!!!! Wala ng mas nakaka-stress pa!

Pero kanina mukhang okay na sya at tumatawa na at sumasayaw na dun sa opening song ng Backyardigans..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fever, Cough and Colds this time

Wawa naman si Ykaie.. she has colds, cough  and on and off fever for two days now. The fever's off since 7am this morning... Sa tuloy-tuloy na mawala...
 managed to make her laugh despite how ill she feels last night....

Monday, August 2, 2010

Curly Top

My hair needs to undergo rebonding treatment again. I can see those natural wavy hair sprouting on top of my head. It doesn't look very nice if you have curly hairs on top and then have the rest really straight. It looks icky. No, not icky, it looks disgusting.

I was planning to have the treatment last month but my hair is behaving abnormally. There were lots of falling hair. I've already tried all those shampoos that the tv commercials says prevents hairfall to no avail. I guess I just have to just change my diet. I have to eat more nutritious food to prevent hairfall. Just in time for the South Beach Diet I'm planning this month {May the Lord deliver me from the temptation of sugar and carbs!}. SBD will help me eat more nutritious food and hopefully will stop these dang hair from falling!

Ykaie's hair is different. It's not just wavy--it's really curly!! It's cute how those curls frame her cute face but I guess when she gets a little grown-up she would want to have it straightened. I will have to enroll myself in one of those hair schools so I can do the treatment myself. Hah! I'm  being the crazy, over-protective mother.

I'm just kidding. Who does that?

This has got to be worst day....

There's lots of things to do...

Can't pick-up nanay from the hospital because no one's gonna take care of the shop...

Ykaie has fever, colds and coughs...

Super worried because I learned last night that peanutbutter is not feeling well too...

Calling Nanny McPhee!!! Calling NANNY McPhee!!!

Ykaie in the Rain

Ykaie loves bathing and playing in the rain... Whenever it's raining she would go to me and ask "mommy, Can I bathe in the rain?"
But she doesn't want her pictures taken the last time she did. She refused to smile but I snapped away anyway,heehee
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