Friday, April 30, 2010

Sky Garden Safari Adventure

We decided to go to the Sky Garden Safari Adventure again, with my niece and nephews this time.
I was able to take photos of some of the animal exhibits that I wasn't able to take photos of nung si Ykaie lang ang kasama.
My nephew Eio thought that the crocs were real...
The Sky Garden Safari Adventure is open to everyone until May 31, 2010.

Check out Ykaie's Safari photos here..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

LP: Nakatali

Kailangan parating nakatali ang mga kulot na buhok ni Ykaie. kapag hindi kasi'y magiging parang mga buhok ni Medusa ito na nagwawala sa ulo nya...
ito ang aking lahok para sa.Magandang Huwebes! 

GT: The last time I pig out..

...was yesterday?? hahaha. Sis and I took some niece and nephews at the mall yesterday. We ate a LOT!By a LOT, I mean, Cinnamon Rolls, Cotton Candy, Subway Sandwich, Froyo, and Rice--all in five hours!
We had the cotton candy while walking through the Sky Garden....
The kids even had something from Crazy Crepes... Ang tatakaw namin...

a entry. Have a nice Thursday!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something for my eyes

As you all know, I own and manage a small internet café. I open up at 7:30am and close at 12 midnight. If I'm lucky and I have a helper, I could steal around one to two hours of sleep at noon. But there are times when I don't have a helper. You know how hard it is to get someone you can trust to help you. When I don't have a helper, It's all me. I update the games to all 12 computers everyday. I upload new games to 12 computers. Then I'm in front of the café server from 7-12, that's 17 hours straight.

I'm lucky that I'm given such good eyes to be able to do those things. Most of the people in our family wears eyeglasses which they maintain annually. If ever you see me with an eyewear, it's probably only because I have tired eyes or maybe I have very big eyebags and I want to hide it behind a cute pair of eyeglasses so it won't get noticed. I hope I won't have to wear eyeglasses soon.

This summer the only thing that I have for my eyes are this cute brown sunglasses that peanutbutter and I bought a few months ago.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wawa naman

Hay naku, ang bata talaga walang araw na hindi nasaktan. Eto, kahapon pumutok ang nguso nitong si Ykaie. Bakit? Ewan ko. Naglalaro lang sila ng Ate Chellie nya tapos bigla na lang umiyak. Nakita na lang daw ni tita Eva na nakadapa at umiiyak. Hay, ayan putok ang nguso. Siguro tumama ang lips sa semeto at sa ngipin nya.

Hay, nakakalurky! Buti naman at okay na sya...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sisterhood Award

Thank you Vernz of Woman's Elan Vital for giving me this award. I really appreciate this.

For the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate up to 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I'm now passing this on to all my blogger friends... Feel free to grab this award. Have a great monday everyone!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hot Weekends are best spent..

...swimming with an adorable daughter and cute nieces..
 ..making a wet one-year-old niece smile.. [Her reason for smiling? Check it out here]
....watching ykaie have fun and make herself float..
...capturing cute smiles such as this..

 an entry forPhotobucket. Have a great week!

Next Year's Vacay

We have to plan a vacation that would take place sometime in the summer next year. I really wanted to go to Bellaroca but it's a little expensive so I still have to save for that vacation. peanutbutter and sis wanted to go there as well. I'm still having second thoughts, though. Spending a three days and two nights vacation there is almost the same as spending three days and two nights out of the country. Since I've already heard some feedbacks regarding the food that they serve over there, Bellaroca is now my second choice for summer vacation next year. Sis suggested we go to Maldives.
Maldives is paradise. It is one of the places I want to go to. Spending five days there would be heavenly. But booking a holiday there is much more expensive than the average package for, say, HongKong or Bangkok. I would definitely think about our travel insurance first.. I've already browsed around for packages, just to check and see how much a package would cost. I saw a Maldives all-inclusive package tour for eight days for $975. That is something that sis could afford but not me. I couldn't afford a vacation like that! But there's this four days and three nights package that costs $363 per person but only has a half board meal plan. Quite affordable, but still requires saving up for.


Sasapakin ko tong si John Lloyd at si Bea eh. Kasi naman nood-nood pa ako ng Miss You Like Crazy, ayan tuloy..... namamaga mata ko dahil ngumawa ako kagabi. hehehe..parati pa naman kaming nanonood ni peanutbutter ng mga John Lloyd movies. Ang sad ng movie. Happy ending pero nakakabitin...siguro may sequel ito?

Pansamantala ko munang pinagpahinga sina Special Agent G. Callen at Sam Hanna...Mamaya na lang ulit..hehehe

Friday, April 23, 2010

5 years ago....

Kahapon ay nangangalkal ako ng mga lumang pictures kasi naghahanap ako ng picture na tan ako para ipakita kay bff. Nang makita ko ang mga pictures na ito...
My gas!! Pagkapayat ko pala 5 years ago... Susko, kaya ko ba pumayat ulit ng ganyan kapayat???
At ito pa..Naalala ko na gustong gusto ko yang outfit na yan. Naitabi ko pa nga yan. Magkasya pa kaya ulit sa akin yan? hmmnnnn.. challenge ito huh....hahaha...
Ito pa isang outfit.... Sige nga challenge ko sarili ko na pagkasyahin yang mga yan..hahaha..Good Luck sa aken...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

LP: Pindot

Hala, sige pindot pa! Pisil dito, pindot doon. Yan ang gawa ni Ykaie sa tuwing nakakkita ng mga prutas. Minsan pa nga kapag mga bilog na prutas kagaya ng orange ang gusto ay patalbuging parang bola...

ito ang aking lahok para sa.Magandang Huwebes!

GT: Foods I choose first on a buffet..

Pag Buffet and usapan at eat-all-you-can, syempre I choose the most expensive food first....para hindi lugi. Foods like shrimps, steak or anything beef . Kapag handaan naman tapos buffet style. I don't choose, I get a little of everything first tapos second helpings na lang of those food na type ko..
a little of everything...
a entry. Have a nice Thursday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's Party

I already have a plate of Creamy Tortellini and a refreshing glass of  Orange Juice. Party Time!

I'm Peachkins – babaeng bakla. foodie.mahilig addict.froyo junkie. loves call girl[call center agent].loves peanutbutter.NCIS LA & CSI fan. nanonood ng BITAG tuwing sabado ng gabi…..frustrated cop.

AC – A proud work-at-home mom and wife.
Bambie — Living a blissful and simple life in a fast paced city of tokyo with her Love and lil bundle of joy, Azumi. Loves anything kawaii and fabulous things.
Bambie/Sunshine – blogging to let you take a sneak peak into a world that is MINE. This is me, the real me. No hesitations, no presumptions, no holding back. I’m sharing my heart to you, no-holds barred.
Beng – A busy working mom of 2 handsome boys, Financial Analyst by profession.
Cacai M. – a Stay-At-Home-Wife and blogging is my passion. I am happy when people are happy. I view blogging as my open or public diary of random thoughts wherein I can express and share my views, reviews, thoughts, happiness, adventures, and experiences.” ~hugs&kisses~
Carmz – Newest Blogger on the Blogosphere! Workaholic, Fun and Crazy Girl of Makati District
Chin chin – Christian stay at home mom blogger blessed with 5 children – Thanks be to God’s grace and strength to live the everyday life.
Chris -  A follower of Christ who loves being a wife and a stay at home mom.
debrajills diary – A Diary of a Mom and her Journal through Life as a wife, daughter and a mother.
eikcaj – God’s extra-ordinary girl….
Fedhz -  I have a Kris Aquino mouth and a Judy Ann heart. Yes, I’m very sentimental and talkative and I guess that’s the very reason why I found myself blogging for more than 7 years now.
ferr’zWILL – I am just a simple jolly girl, sweet and heedful lady I love to depict unto others how I feel towards them.
Jade – A certified BC Blogger. Blogaholic, Workaholic but will soon be taking it slow…
KayeBlog designer extraordinaire. Not. Just blog designer. And writer, if you could consider my inane blog entries as “writing”. A WAHM from the beautiful city of Baguio, Philippines.
Inigo – Probably the youngest blogger at 21 months old. Posts were as early as fetal age.
Irish – A Christian family woman who’s trying to juggle her blogging duties, her full time work, taking care of a 2 year old daughter and being the best wife ever to her hubby.
Just Simple Thoughts – loving wife; loving daughter; loyal friend; wants everything to be fair and just…
Laane – Usually I describe myself as a mom of 6. The oldest 4 are boys, all with an autism spectrum disorder. The youngest is dealing with classic autism. The other 2 are girls. Twins. One is dyslectic, like one of the boys. I’m always busy arranging things for them, solving problems or guiding. Dealing with the problems other people caused is one of the main issues.
Liezl – the frustrated chemist but now a passionate blogger and an aspiring psychologist. Proud Batangeña living all alone in Manila, deeply in-love, spontaneous and witty. A good conversationalist, fearless enough to tackle love, sex and politics.
Lizeewong – I’m a girly girl, mommy and wife. My world is quite simple. It revolves around my babies who amuse me, my husband who completes me and my blog which pleasures me.
Mommy Bonz – Certified BC Blogger.  A simple mom and wife with lots of hopes and dreams for her family.  Finding time with everything, being a full time mom, wife and an employee and now a part-time blogger.
Mommy Rubz – a simple stay at home mom who takes care of three kids and 40 plus domains.
Nelson – A Surgical Nurse who blogs down his experiences, both clinical and personal. Happily married and now living in the UAE.
Niko – Happy Mom and Wife, Full time office slave and Part time BLOGGER :)
Nicquee – A corporate slave wanting to be WAHM for her kids and husband through blogging
Nuts -  Blogging with my family as source of my inspiration..
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Charmie - I'm a frustrated career woman, a responsible, loving daughter and a sister.
ferry'zPROFESSION - A happy fulltime employee who loves to snip some of my time to blog, being a multi task is my game.
Mommy Liz - I am a wife and a mother to my 4 wonderful children and to 2  more, so we have 6 beautiful kids. I am a Stay at home mom  and I am proud of it.
Maritz - A Civil Engineer by profession but work full time as a church admin officer. A fulfilled wife to a loving and God fearing husband and a mother of two wonderful children.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nagpunta kami ng Trinoma kahapon...

Ready to go na ang bulilit at pumapara na ng sidecar....
Dahil 7:05 pa ang start ng Clash of the Titans ay nag-carousel muna si Kuya kakay at si Ykaie.
Konting piktyuran muna sa Trinoma mall Garden. Naku, ang hirap pa- ngitiin ni Ykaie dahil ang gusto ay magtatakbo.
Zone Out Girl strikes again! out girl ang tawag namin ni peanutbutter kay Ykaie kapag ganyang ayaw tumingin sa camera at nagpe-pretend na di kami naririnig.

After the piktyuran, movie time na!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Rabbit and A Scooter

Weekends were spent with Ykaie, of course.
Ykaie and her rabbit, Gagay..playing in front of me while I'm blogging..
Ykaie borrows her ate Chellie's scooter. She was asking me to buy her one but she still doesn't know how to use it that well.
After a few days, maybe, I might give in and buy her a smaller one...She looks cute in it.

an entry forPhotobucket. Have a great week!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Guys, meet BALDO! Maton on the outside,Sweet, soft and fluffy on the inside.

hep hep hep...alam ko na nasa isip nyo.."Damn, he's ugly!".Pero, don't judge the book by its cover.

Sya yung aso ni Kuya Olan na ipinanakot doon sa toyo na naghuhumiga sa CR ng shop nung isang araw. Di kami masyado close, gusto ko lang ma-sight nyo sya at kahit papaano ay may utang na loob ako sa asong ito...hehehehe

Online Translation Just Got Better

It gets difficult for me when I'm reading something on the net and then I get a link that is in a language other than English. I stop reading. Even when I don't want to because I know that I'm not going to fully understand that article anyway. But that was before Translia.

Translia is an online translation service platform that has the world's largest translation network. They can translate anything to and from any major language.There is no minimum word count, you can translate a word or one million words. There are no minimum charge either.Translation turnaround are shorter for small jobs. You can get results in as little as an hour or within the same day. Clients may register for free and they can get better and quicker results. At Translia, all jobs are done by professional translators who are expert in their own subject matters. Giving you nothing to worry about.

Translations are also very affordable and is backed by 7-day money back guarantee. They aim for 100% customer satisfaction. You don't have to pay if you are no fully satisfied.

Translia provides everything you need. Quick, affordable and quality translation.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Puyat ako lagi...

Hanggang ngayon ay hirap pa rin ang lola nyong makatulog sa gabi. Habang-buhay na yata akong matutulog ng ala-una ng madaling araw. Dalawang magkasunod na gabi na akong may-I-nood ng pelikula ni Victor Neri sa Cinema One. MY gas! Tawa nga ng tawa si sis at ang sabi'y di na daw uso si Victor Neri..hahaha.

Oo nga naman. May point ang loka, kaya lang wala naman akong magawa at iyon lang ang medyo kapano-panood. Si Victor Neri at si Eddie Garcia....o diba??hehehe..

Bukas makalawa baka mga pelikula naman ni Ramon Revilla and mapanood ko...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday,Paula!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to the founder of BC Bloggers!! May all your wishes come true and may you have more birthdays to come!

BC Blogger's Party - Getting to Know Me


Everything that I will say here, you've probably read in the About Me section of my blogs but here it goes. I go by peachkins thru the web but my name is Peachy. I'm blogging since 2005 but not professionally.It was a hobby to write.I love writing. I started a blog to de-stress and immortalize my thoughts and feelings.

I am a foodie by heart, a law enforcer by profession and is now living a peaceful life as an mommy-slash-enterpreneur--slash-wife.

I love coffee, froyo and yogurt. I love movies and going out. I love the beach but I don't know how to swim. I have three blogs to date: blowing peachkisses, The Peach Kitchen and peach and things.
These are the two most precious people in my life-- peanutbutter and purple.

This is a great party!


All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl.Life gets boring if you work all the time. We all need some terrific R&R. Even though Summer has already started, mine hasn't yet.I need one of those all inclusive holidays for my great getaway. I can already picture myself in some really nice resort with nice accommodation, good food, probably with friends or family.In other words, I can imagine immersing myself in a tropical paradise and drowning the tiredness and burnout away.

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Another great thing about Breezes Resorts is their special packages which you can avail of aside from the all inclusive vacation packages. You can really save a lot if you're going to take advantage of their specials. Summer and Spring getaways this 2010 may get your third, fourth or fifth night for free. Just book your vacation by April 28 for travel between April 5th and August 20th to get it.

What are you waiting for? Book now and let your vacation begin.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A very sad day..

Missy, Niko, Kakay, Eio
Goodbyes are hard. Specially if you are saying good bye to someone you love. Today, we finally said goodbye to an uncle, these kids' grandpa, my aunts's husband, my cousins' father....

Syempre, hindi naman kami ganoon ka-close, dahil unang- una, hindi naman ganoon kalapit ang bahay nila sa amin. Pero malapit naman ako sa mga pinsan ko and just by looking at them, I can almost feel the sadness and the longing. But this is not a loss. This is the beginning of a new life in heaven. We should be happy for him. He has loved as a husband and as a father. He has put smiles in the hearts of his grandchildren. He has lived a full life.........he will be missed.
Ehm and Ykaie

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Search for Yummy Hopiang Baboy continues....

At nagpapatuloy ang paghahanap ni sis ng masarap na hopiang baboy. Simula kasi ng magsara ang Master Hopia sa quiapo ay wala na kaming mabilhan kapag naglilihi kami sa hopiang baboy. Sa far, ang masarap na natikman pa lang namin, yung hopiang baboy ng Polland na nabibili sa 7-11 ng P38 per 4 pcs.
Habang nakapila kami sa taxi nung isang araw pagkatapos mag-grocery ay nagsimula ng lafangin ni sis ang dalawang brand ng hopiang baboy na ito.Pero dahil wiz nya type ang lasa ay isang kagat lang at pinamigay na nya ang mga itey sa mga batang mas nangangailangan ng kung anumang sustansya meron ang mga pobreng hopiang baboy.
Nakakalungkot mang isispin ay hindi pa rin nakakahanap si sis ng ipapalit sa hopiang baboy ng Master Hopia.
At hanggang ngayon ay patuloy pa rin ang paghahanap ni sis ng masarap na hopiang baboy.....huhuhu..
Wahahahaha..dramatic ba?

Need Tickets? Go to a Professional Ticket Broker

Sports are not my thing. I don't watch sports at all but I sometimes watch concerts. More often than not, tickets get sold out on concerts that I'm planning to watch even before I can a hold of a ticket. Well, who has the time to spend waiting in line for concert tickets nor the time to spend on the phone to make reservations? I certainly don't. I have a business and a daughter to take care of.

I don't just trust any broker who sells tickets. If I want good seating, I go to a professional ticket broker that provides personalized customer service and one that has access to tickets in many events across the country -- A Cheap Seat.

Whether its ANGEL STADIUM TICKETS for baseball, Chastain Park Amphitheatre TICKETS for a concert or WACHOVIA CENTER TICKETS for hockey, can surely provide a good quality seating ticket for you without the hassles.Plus they provide the lowest prices available.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Isa na namang pangyayaring kakaiba....

Kaninang hapon, dahil hindi masyadong busy ang shop ay nakikipag-chikahan ako kay Teacher Hazel sa labas. maya-maya, may lumapit na isang kalbong lalaki at ang sabi: "ate, saan ba pwedeng umihi dito?"
Ako naman, dahil sanay na sanay na sa ganoong bagay ay pinayagan kong umihi sa CR ng shop. Ang katwiran ko kasi kesa naman sila mag-ihian sa gilid ng shop na pumapanghi at naamoy ko, eh di doon na lang sa CR.Gaano na lang ang makukunsumong tubig noon sa pagbuhos.Ang bait ko, ano?

Aba, nakaraan na ang limang minuto, hindi pa lumalabas ang punyemas. Sabi ko sa pamangkin ko na si kakay,hintay ka ng 2 minutes tapos katukin mo. Impossible namang pagkatagal nya umihi at hindi naman sya babae. Ito namang kakay, saksakan ng hinhin at ang pagkatok sa pinto parang nangangalabit lang. Hindi ako nakatiis at binuksan ko ang pinto. Ang tinamaan ng lintek! nakahiga sa sahig ng banyo at hubo't hubad. Ang nakakalurky pa, maliligo raw sya. Ang taray ng loko.

Ay, may toyo ito, sa isip ko. Hinahamon ako. Eh may toyo rin ako at pumapatol ako sa may toyo. Hala, kinuha ko yung pamalo naming bakal at sinigawan ko ng bonggang-bongga. Pinapalabas ko ng CR. Namura ko pa nga sa sobrang gigil ko.

Inawat nga ako ni Teacher Hazel at  ang sabi sa akin baka raw kung anuhin ako nung toyo. Naisip ko, oo nga ano.... pero hindi ko na maawat ang inner Maton-slash-Amazona-slash-Pulis ko. Pumasok ako ng bahay at naghahanap ng asido, maraming yatang asido ang nanay ko. Pina-panglinis nya ng banyo namin. I am absolutely sure, na ke sira-ulo o hindi, sigurado sa asido tatayo sya sa sahig ng banyo.

Buti si kakay tinawag si Kuya Olan at nakuhang takutin ang toyo sa pamamagitang ni Baldo, aso nyang fake ang pagka-maton. Physically scary lang. Hala, mas magaling pang tumahol si Kuya Olan kay Baldo. Si Kuya Olan na nga ang tumahol para kunwari tumatahol si Baldo.

Sabi ni ate, sana daw ay kinunan ko yung Toyo para nai-blog.......hindi ko na nga naisip at gusto ko eh hatawin nung hawak kong pamalo. Maghumiga ba ng nakahubad sa banyo?? Total Eeewwness...

Pizza Date with BFF

Last Saturday was spent on a pizza date with BFF, Dj and cute daughter Yana. Ykaie and I had such a great time.
Ykaie and Yana. 
Ykaie is eagerly waiting for the pizza but Yana is sleepy and let out a big "yawn.."
We ordered Tribeca Mushroom Pizza with extra anchovies. It was my pleasure to introduce anchovies to DJ. Dessert was Pistachio ice cream, which Yana didn't like.

Thanks for the granola bars and the charms.I'll give you the pepper mill as soon as possible..

When and Where's the next date,bff?
an entry forPhotobucket. Have a great week!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

May blog na si Roman!

Natatandaan nyo pa ba ang isa sa mga peborit cousin kong si Roman?? Kung hindi ay silipin nyo na lang sya dito at dito. O ayan...natandaan nyo na??

Well, sa kababasa ng mga blog namin ni ate ay na-impluwensyahan rin namin syang mag-blog.
Introducing The Redbucks! Just click the image at dadalhin nya kayo sa makamundong blog ni Roman..hahaha

Welcome to the Blogosphere,Rome!

EPAL?! Epal Juice?!

More Like Epal Soda...hekhek... Di masarap. Lasang Beer... Gusto mo ng Epal??

Ano nga ba ang EPAL?  Ang EPAL ay isang tao na sabat ng sabat pero di naman kausap. Nagbibida. Masyadong mapagmaganda.

May kakilala ba
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