Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Remember our biggest loser contest that should've ended last month? Well, it is extended until the 30th. And remember the "Temptation Challenge" in The Biggest Loser, where in the contestants are tempted with high-calorie goodies in exchange of power? Well, sis--aside from being my jillian and bob, is also doing that to me.

I can't really remember the first time I tried Cibo but it was at the Shangri-La Plaza. That first time was among the firsts that inspired me in my food adventure.
Fontina. Tartufata. Asparagi [P255]
Thin sardinian flat bread and grilled Fontina cheese with asparagus-mushroom-truffle paste and truffle oil.
Insalate Del Sole [P208]
Salad with fennel, oranges, walnuts,  and anchovies with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Linguine Al Nero [P225]
Squid Pasta with olive oil and squid ink sauce. This was also the pasta I had years ago. It tasted so much better years ago than it is today. It was quite salty, good thing sis is fond of salty food.
Panino Porchetta [P207]
Roast Pork sandwich with three sauces: Apple and Pear, Red Wine Liver and lemon mayo. So not satisfied with the sandwich. It looked so much better than it tasted.
Pomelo Shake [P119]
This is sis's drink. I think she enjoyed it.
Menta Te Freddo [P88]
Mint Iced Tea. My drink, of course.love it so much....I'm gonna make mint iced tea one of these days....
Something to keep kids busy.....
Being her usual playful, nosey self....
2nd Level, Trinoma
North EDSA


pet said...

kung ganyan naman kasarap ang mga makikita mo e talagang matatakaw ka, kahit na may kontest na iniisip e kakain pa rin ako kung ako yan..

kimmy said...

eh bat kasi lumalapit pa sa temptation? hehehe...

Mommy Liz said...

de pa biggest loser contest pa kau kunyari, eh panay ang post ng food, ano ba yan?? hehehe..

i♥pinkc00kies said...

I love Cibo =) I like their oil based pasta and salmone panini :)

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