Friday, April 9, 2010

Investigate Suspicious Activity On Any Computer with a Computer Spy

Monitoring thirteen computers in the small internet café that I own is a tedious task. It's very hard to keep an eye on each and every computer every minute of everyday but I have to do it. You just can't trust all of your customers, some of them maybe doing suspicious activity that can harm me or my computers.

What I need is the  new Stealth iBot Computer Spy that works as a Keylogger. Its very easy to use and  it monitors all the activity on a computer without any hardware left behind. It records passwords, chatting, photos, visited websites-- it even captures screenshots covertly. The result would be complete and undetected computer surveillance.This is also very useful if you have tweens or teenagers around the house. You can easily monitor what they are doing in the computer.  You'll find out if they are chatting with strangers and can easily take steps to prevent it.

Another thing that I need is the BrickHouse Child Locator with Wander Alerts. With a curious two year old always in tow--at the mall, at the market and anywhere--this will keep me alert if they are wandering too far from me. And this will surely keep me from worrying about Ykaie all of the time.

1 comment:

Liezl said...

Wow. This is so hi-tech. I also wish to employ that same technology provided that it is easy to use and won't hog my computer resources.

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