Monday, June 28, 2010

Nakapag -unwind din!

It feels so refreshing kapag nakakalakwatsa ako.Sobra! Aside from cooking, watching a movie or window shopping...... anything that takes me away from my work's vicinity makes me feel rested and relaxed. Minsan kasi nakakalurky naman yung araw-araw ganun at ganun ang nakikita at nae-experience mo. Oo, minsan masaya kasi may mga kakaibang nangyayari, kagaya ng mga sira-ulong nakiki-CR tapos naghuhumiga sa CR ng walang saplot.....pero di naman nakakatuwa yon. Nakaka-haggard na nga at wala akong helper, syempre kailangan lumamyerda minsan para makapag-unwind kahit papaano.

Kanina nga, dahil monday, syempre walang tao. Wala ring Frankenstein monster na binubuo si sis sa kanyang secret laboratory kaya naman biglang nagyaya si sis na manood ng Prince of Persia. Ayun, nagsara ako ng shop at sya rin nagsara ng secret laboratory..Go kami sa mall at nanood ng sine. Mga 4-5 hours din naming pinutol ang aming mga normal na buhay. and of course, after the movie...eto back to normal na naman.....

Musta na kaya yung mga pineapple bits na pinakuluan ko kanina?

Ang lakas ng ulan, sarap tayo?

Saturday, June 26, 2010


It's Complicated + Mr. Chips+ Flat Tops + Ice cold water = Saturday Afternoon

It's enough to keep me sane in an otherwise insane afternoon. Para na namang divisoria/sabungan itong shop sa sobrang pagkalalakas ng mga bunganga ng mga players. Hay, ano pa kaya ang mangyayari ngayong nakakapagod na araw ng sabado?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

I'm following a new show and I can't wait for the next episode! Pretty Little Liars is a new series based on a series of young adult novel written by Sara Shepard. It revolves around the lives four teenagers named Aria Montgomery {Lucy Hale},Hana Marin {Ashley Benson}, Spencer Hastings {Troian Bellisario} and Emily Fields {Shay Mitchell}. Their group falls apart after their friend Alison Dilaurentis disappeared. A year later, Alison's body was discovered and these four teenagers began receiving text messages from "A" who's threatening to expose their "secret".

These will keep me busy until CSI's and NCIS's new season.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buy a blog review and Help Baby Bella

Reposting from Bee Mommy:

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ykaie's First Neighbor Fight??

As a mom, it's nice to know that your child is a fighter.Yesterday, a neighbor told me that Ykaie hit her child. I know her child is smaller and younger, a one year old. My heart skipped a beat, specially when I saw the little boy crying. I didn't see what happened but  I got angry. It was very unlikely for her to do that. I took ykaie home, reprimanded her and hit her hands with my hands, to give her a lesson. I told her it's a bad thing and that she shouldn't hit another person, specially someone who's smaller than her. She cried and told me she was sorry. I  told her to go to that kid and say sorry. Ykaie was crying so hard and it was a pinch to my heart every time I see her like that...but I wanted her to learn a lesson.

Going back to the house, another neighbor told me that the reason why Ykaie hit that kid is because the little kid hit her first. It's a little comforting to know that Ykaie's action was a REACTION. It was her instinct kicking in, telling her to defend herself, she's just too young to know that the little kid won't be able to hurt her and that she was bigger. This is what the mom of the one year old failed to mention so I assumed it was Ykaie's fault. I'm not taking sides because these are kids. They don't really know what they are doing.One of them is just mine so I just wished I was informed of what happened, I could've reacted much better and I would have been able to explained the whole thing much better to ykaie...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

It's so sad that we won't be able to celebrate father's Day this year with peanutbutter. I am so happy that peanutbutter is the one I'm sharing parenthood with. He is such a good father and a gem of a husband.

Ykaie and her daddy has such a strong bond and share a few characteristics....
They love the water..
They both love animals...
They're both Balut lovers...
They are both cheerful..

and they both have" TOYO".

They are the SUNSHINES of my life.  I always thank the Lord for giving me such a good husband and the perfect father for my daughter. So to the man I love and my daughter's Daddy....

To my TATAY and my FIL, to my Kuya, and to all the fathers I know......


Friday, June 18, 2010


I've had  a very looooong day. Although I could say that it is a job well done. Why? Well, I've managed to cajole and frighten Ykaie into drinking her medicine. The taste of which she didn't like. I've managed to answer each and everyone why the shop was closed yesterday. I was able to cook dinner. I was able to install games into the new computer. I was able to do a little grocery shopping and get the laundry. Finally, I was able to cook dinner.
I am so tired,I can't get my creative juices flowing. I wish peanutbutter's here so I can talk the tiredness away. Right now, I am watching Thirteen Ghosts. Subconciously, maybe I'm trying to scared this tiredness away.....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FB message

Minsan lang yan si peanutbutter magsulat sa wall.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Choto Stop in Little Tokyo

Choto Stop is a small Japanese Grocery store located in Little Tokyo. We went there in search for Sis's Furikake. She is into this Bento thing at the moment. By we, I meant Roman, Sis, Ykaie and me.
Ykaie and I had fun going through all of the items being sold. They have everything, from noodles to rice to chocolates to beauty stuff. They even have fresh and frozen items. Almost everything here is worth P75 except for some expensive stuffs like the wines...
Chocolates and cookies! peanutbutter's favorite Pocky and I think that's kewpie mayo and ketchup.I was hoping they have the Meiji Green tea chocolate but they don't have any. So I just bought a LOOK Parfait Ala Mode chocolate and Rice Wine Vinegar for my recipe next week.
 Here's Ykaie getting something she thinks she likes...
It's like a Japanese Mini-Stop judging from its logo. While there, we enjoyed some snacks at the small restaurant at the back of the grocery store and we also indulged ourselves in some of Hana's Takoyaki Balls.

Choto Stop
Little Tokyo
Chino Roce Ave.,

an entry forPhotobucket. Happy start of the week! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Napapagod ako pero di naman ako pumapayat. Ito kasing si Sis, katulad na lang kanina pagdating ni Roman nagpa-Coke fest with matching chichirya and kukurya galore. Balak ko nga next week since nabo-bore naman ako, mag-7 Day Diet ako....for fun lang.Titingnan ko lang kung kaya ko at kung maglo-lose nga ako ng weight in a span of seven days. Tutal di naman ako makapagluto at wala akong time bumili ng ingredients.

Matagalan ko kaya?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

GT: Ang Kikay Kit Ko

Noong unang panahon ay ubod ako ng Kikay talaga namang kumpleto at ang dami-daming laman ng Kikay Kit ko. Pero ngayon ay mga basics na lang yata ang laman nito, bihira ko pang magamit dahil hindi na ako masyadong umaalis ng bahay at ng shop.
Hindi naman ako makapag-maganda dito sa shop at ang kailangan dito pambatak ng balat. Kukulubot kasi lahat pwedeng kumulubot sa iyo sa sobrang kukulit ng mga bata rito araw-araw...hahahaha
Anyways, ang laman ng Kikay kit ko ay.... tantananan!

Pabango - pampabango kahit na wala namang umaamoy sa akin dito..kung kay Ykaie naman ay forever naman akong mabango dyan sa anak kong yan.
Neutrogena Pressed Powder - pampa-flawless ng fez. Para hindi halata ang naglalakihang eyebags kahit na walang concealer.
Lip and Cheek Tint - para di halatang namumutla na ako sa puyat..hahaha
Eye Shadow - pampa-cute ng mata
Clear Mascara & Curlash - pampa-cute ng eyelashes
Lipbalm/Lipgloss/Nude Lipstick - para kissable ang lips

hahahaha...ang saya ng topic ko to...

a entry. Have a nice Thursday!

Another night with Joey Pepperoni

Another craving, another dinner night spent at Joey Pepperoni's.
Crema di Asaparagi [P110]
This is just norman Cream of Asparagus soup. 
Salsiccia alla Griglia [P170]
Grilled homemade sausages served with barbecue sauce. I didn't like how the sausage tastes. I was really disappointed because it looks really delicious.
Burger Steak with Rice
Kakay's order.

The first time we dined at JP, I loved everything. This time even the service wasn't that good. The waiters weren't that attentive.

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria
Upper Ground Floor, ANNEX BLDG., 
SM City North Edsa, Quezon City

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farm Craft 2: Global vegetable Crisis

This is my latest game craze! Farm Craft's like Warcraft, only it's about farming... Yan ang nilalaro ko when I'm bored kasabay ng Robin Padilla marathon.

Ano pa kaya ang pwedeng mapag-tripan?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Movie Day

Habang nagbabantay ng shop nanood ako ng The Back-Up Plan with matching Chocnut and Marty's. Shucks, ang cute ng leading man dito huh? at ang ganda ng movie na ito.

It's a kilig movie! Nakaka-imbyerna lang at nanonood ako ng kilig movie wala naman akong kakiligan. Isa pang nakakainis, habang naiiyak na ako sa movie may biglang magtatanong ng

"Ate, ilang minuto na lang po ako", "Ate anong oras po may magta-time?" at kung anu-ano pa.
Anyway, this is my current favorite movie...

I also needed a dose of Robin Padilla, kaya nag-mega download ako ng Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw......hahahaha

Todo na to! Walang magawa dito sa shop!

Waaaahhhh... Kailangan ko manood ng Prince of Persia!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ecco Mailbox

Many people don't receive a lot of mails nowadays because of technology. In this day and age it is much easier and faster to send and receive e-mails and e-cards. I think we receive a lot more bills and advertising letters in the mail than we do letters from loved ones. I think these are also some of the reasons why some manufacturers doesn't produce high quality mailboxes anymore. They think that nobody cares about mailboxes. This is so not true.

Lots of people want beautiful, high quality mailboxes that will stand all weather conditions. Mailboxes say a lot about their owners too because they are put up in front of the house. Even if you don't see the owners, their mailboxes say a lot about them.One high quality mailbox manufacturer is ecco mailbox.

Ecco mailboxes provides high quality mailbox at the best prices. They also provide many choices--all of 'em look really nice.There's the ecco e4 mailbox, ecco e6 mailbox, ecco e7 mailbox and ecco e8 mailbox. Those are just some of the choices. I like the ecco e7 mailbox best!   I think an ecco wall mount mailbox will make your house look more elegant.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

GT: Shower Loot

My recent Shower loot from the grocery..... Nung isang araw kasi nalurky na lang ako at super kati ng ulo ko, yun pala may dandruff ako.....ewwness!Kaya ayan, mega-buy ako ng Nizoral.

a entry. Have a nice Thursday!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today at 4:30pm

Ang sarap ng weather sa loob at labas ng shop ngayon..Drizzling sa labas.. cool and comfy naman dito sa loob. Ang sarap humigop ng mainit na kape habang nagta-type dito sa keyboard....walang makulit na nanggugulo kasi si Ykaie nasa ILs ko....Tapos wala ang mga maggugulong players ko dito...


I miss Ykaie already. Naiwan ako dito sa shop habang si kakay at si sis nagpunta ng Trinoma....Tapos eto pa, natatanaw ko na ang maiingay at magugulong players na papapasok na ng pinto...... Aba, at nag-suggest pa itong isang ito na lagyan ko daw ng topping na shaving cream itong kape ko.....Sakalin ko kaya ito???

Oh well, I might as well enjoy the moment.... Let the playing begin..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yoga Pose

This was taken at Club Balai Isabel. Si Ykaie nagyo-yoga pose..... Then I remembered that peanutbutter has a photo with the same pose  as Ykaie's....
This was taken 4 years ago when we were still bf-gf....ang cute ano???
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