Thursday, December 30, 2010

The wants that I was able to fulfill this year

Last year, I made a list of all the things that I wanted to buy this year. Yung iba natupad, yung iba naman hindi. Let me do a short recap before I make a list of what I want for next year.
  • First on the list was a Nikon DSLR. I wasn't able to buy it but I got an even better one, I was able to buy a Canon Rebel XTi which made  picture-taking a much better and fulfilling experience. 
  • I changed my mind when it was time to buy a Skecher's Shape-Ups, I bought Skecher's Tone-ups instead. Hala, flipflop pa rin. Kelan kaya ako bibili ng closed shoes???
  • Last year, I wanted a new bag but I don't what I want in a bag. This year, I already know the bag I want, I just have to save for it.
  • This year, we were also able to buy a new bed...wala naman si peanutbutter....hay.
Still, I am so thankful for everything.

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    Christmas Day 2010 photos

    Ykaie the rocker chick
    Ate thess, Kuya Arnel and Tita Eva cooking the pork barbecue...ykaie and chellie were the first to eat them
    Akalain mong may inuman? Minsan lang magkaroon nito sa amin eh..
    Ang hirap piktyuran ng Tita Eva..wa epek ang pagka-paparazzi ko.... Hindi ko mapaharap sa camera!
     Ykaie received lots of gifts!
    The Gang

    Sunday, December 26, 2010

    Noche Buena 2010

     Ykaie and Chellie- ang mga makukulit.
    Some pictures during our Noche Buena.
    This is our Christmas Eve dinner table.
    If you want a close-up of the food: click here.
    Ykaie and the cheese plate. Hindi talaga sya kumakain ng cheese..nanloloko lang..
     ykaie and the ham plate...hindi rin sya kumakain ng ham....
    at kaming dalawa na sa totoo lang ay inaantok na.....

    Physics and Chemistry

    I am not boasting but back in high school I didn't really need any Chemistry Help or Physics Help because those were my favorite subjects. But many of my classmates were flunking, not because the subject itself is difficult but because they are having a hard time with our teacher.

    Some of my classmates decided to have a group study so everyone can help everyone. Some decided to hire a tutor. It was very easy to hire a tutor but the available tutor can only give a portion of their time and can only teach as much. There's nobody to call if you suddenly need, say, an Organic chemistry help in the middle of the night or even for a simple Homework Help.

    This is where Tutor Vista comes in.  TutorVista is the leading online tutoring company in the world. They have affordable tutoring packages that can provide unlimited online tutoring anytime, anywhere as long as there is a computer and an internet connection. Tutoring is available 24 x 7, provided by qualified professionals. So even if you need Chemistry Homework Help  or Physics Homework Help at midnight, they will be there for you.

    I just wished they were there back when I was in high school, it would have made a lot of lives easier

    Thursday, December 23, 2010

    Neighborhood Christmas Party

    Um-attend si Ykaie ng Christmas party dito sa aming neighborhood last tuesday. Excited sya dahil ito ang kauna-unahang christmas party nya.
    Kaya naman dala-dala nya yung pang-exchange gift nya ay pumunta na sya agad dun sa venue. Sige nakisayaw sa kaisa-isang batang nandun dahil maaga pa.
    Maya-maya unti-unti na ring dumami ang mga bata pero nung mag-start na yung party bigla syang umuwi at ang sabi sa akin "mommy, ayaw ko ng um-attend". Siguro dahil sa hindi sya nakapag-nap nung hapon ay pagod na at inaantok na.
    I just took a few pictures and let her eat dinner. After that she was off to dreamland. Ok na rin kahit na hindi sya nakapag-participate sa buong program ng Christmas party. Makulay pa rin ang gabi dahil masaya sya, may sayawan, nakapag-party-party ng kaunti at may laruang galing sa exchange gift.

    ito ang aking lahok para sa.
    {Sorry at hindi purong tagalog ang entry ko..}

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    Having a Logo

    So far I am having a great morning. Had a nice breakfast with my sissies--Rome and Anney. We had some toasts, sardines, soup and coffee. Over breakfast we laughed and gossiped, as usual but we also had a few serious topics. I talked to them about how I would like to have a Custom Logo Design for my blogs. A logo is eye catching and you can be remembered through it if you get the right one. It can easily convey what you want to your customers, if you are in a business or in my case, to my would-be readers.

    In case you are wondering where I would put those logos that I want so much, well, I'm thinking of having some business cards printed. That is why it is highly important that I have a logo that embodies me and my blogs. I want a logo that makes a statement. I must admit that it is not easy to think of one and that I may need the help of professionals. I consulted with my sissies first, because they may have some ideas. After all, they are the ones who know me very well. I hope thye come up with good ones.

    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    Dance Caroling 2010

    Kung dati na kayong naliligaw dito ay siguradong alam nyo na ang usong pangangaroling dito. Walang iba kundi ang --Dance Caroling! Nakakuha na ng paraan ng pangangaroling ang lahat. Kahit sintunado ka,{na kagaya ko} pero magaling ka naman magsayaw ay pwedeng-pwede ka na mag-caroling. 
    Kanya- kanya sila ng gimik at kanya-kanyang ng costume. Noong 2008, tuwang-tuwa ako sa mga nag-caroling kasi ang costume nila ay talaga namang Christmas na Christmas.Tapos noong 2009 naman, merong parang late Halloween ang costume dahil medyo freaky, pero meron din namang mga naka-red...medyo Christmas-sy na din.
    This year, parang mga girl dance groups ang drama nila at ang mga sinasayaw ay ang mga kanta ni Justine Bieber at iba pang mga usong tugtog. Maganda sana kung Christmas-sy ang costumes at ang sinasayaw ay mga Christmas songs.

    Lima yata ang nag-dance caroling dito kagabi, pwera pa doon sa mga batang nangangaroling na may dalang kutsara't tinidor.

    Uso ba sa inyo ang dance caroling??

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    Thursday, December 16, 2010

    LP: Sarado {Close}

    Binigyan ako ni Tita Becka ng dalawang balot ng Starbucks VIA ready brew. Hindi naman lingid sa inyo na sobra ang aking hilig sa kape. Sa ngayon ay sarado pa ang mga ito pero ilang araw lang ay siguradong ubos na ang mga ito...hehehe


    ito ang aking lahok para sa.Magandang Huwebes!

    Monday, December 13, 2010

    Happy Birthday Tita Becka!

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! Ilang taon ka na nga ulit?????
    Hope you get what you wish for on this special day.

    Cheers for more birthdays and more birthday wishes to come!

    Saturday, December 11, 2010

    Happy Birthday To Me

    Teka nga at maka-emote muna.

    Nung isang araw iniisip ko na kung anu-ano ang mga ipagsususulat ko para sa aking birthday blog post. I still remember kasi  a few years ago, nung ang blog ko ay nasa Friendster pa, ay umemote-emote ako. Sisilipin ko sana yung dati kong post, kaya lang ay naalala ko na wala na pala akong FS account, ni-delete ko na at baka ako na lang ang natitirang tao sa prenster.

    Basta naaalala ko na meron doong "I-thank-my-nanay-&-tatay-for-making-me-dahil-kung-wala-sila-ay-wala -ako-dito-ngayon" effect. Parang awards night lang tapos nabigyan ako ng pinakamalaking award.

    This year, I'm just Thankful for all the blessings that has been showered upon me...
    I have a very loving husband who supports me in everything I do. I've grown a lot these years that we are together because you inspire me to be the best person that I can be.
    I have a darling daughter who makes me feel like I'm the best mom in the world kahit na minsan sobrang kulit.
    I now have three blogs which keeps my learning journey more fun. My blogs are also growing and I'm reaching out to more people.
    I now go out a lot and I am surrounded by more friends - both in and out of the blogosphere. I used to keep to myself and is surrounded by the same people.

    I'm specially most thankful that I now know who I am. I think that's very important. No confusions.

    and last but the most important is I am happy.

    Happiness is a gift. Thank you so much for being a part of it.

    Friday, December 10, 2010

    A wonderful stay at One Tagaytay Place

    One of the reasons I chose to celebrate my birthday this way is that I want to take a breather. Believe me, my work may not look really stressful but it is. Second is that I want to bond with my cousins. We've celebrated birthdays eating out but this is taking it a notch higher...and we're planning more birthday trips like this.
    We didn't really went out para mamasyal. We talked, gossiped, binged and laughed a lot. These are priceless moments. There were also a lot of photos!
    Ang picture ng dyosang naka-gown! Ikaw na! Ikaw na ang DYOSA!!! hehehehe....
    The reason why I chose One Tagaytay is because the rooms are nice, the reviews are good, the staffs are friendly and their infinity pool looks gorgeous! {Check out our room here}
     This is the bare-faced me-I looked tired, no?
    They even sent a chocolate cake before bedtime. I don't know if they send a cake to all guest or they just did because it's my birthday.
    Tea and Taal Volcano in the morning....bongga! nakakarelax, parang ayaw mo na bumalik ng Manila.
    At kahit ice-cold and water..hala, sige swimming pa rin kaming lahat!
     Syempre, picture-taking galore!
    ...Model-model-an...O pagbigyan nyo na ako... BIRTHDAY ko naman! totoo lang tawa naman ako ng tawa habang pinapa-pose nila ako....hahaha..
    ykaie and me
    rome in the background and me
    chellie and ykaie at the kiddie pool
    It was a wonderful birthday celebration, sayang wala si peanutbutter. It would have been extraordinary...

    Wednesday, December 8, 2010

    Sonya's Garden,Tagaytay

    I decided to celebrate my birthday in advance, out of town. Why out of town? Because I know that my mind will refreshed when I celebrate it somewhere where I won't be able to see my computer shop. I decided to celebrate it in Tagaytay. I can't treat everyone because I don't have a lot of money, so I pick some of my favorite people na lang to celebrate it with.
    First Stop was Sonya's Garden...
    ...where we had a nice lunch. {If you want to know what we had, check it out here}.
    There was gossip and lots of laughter. Puro luka-luka kasi ang mga kasama.
    Ate Nydia, Chellie, Ate Thess, me and Rome plus Sis, the photographer..
    I didn't like most of my photos here at Sonya's, haggard kasi ang beauty ng lola sa byahe at mega-commute lang ang mga beauties namin. After eating, we immediately went to One Tagaytay to check-in and rest...

    Gold for Retirement

    Our global economic environment is growing more and more unstable everyday. Everything is depreciating. When whatever it is that you own- car, cellphone, house- gets a little older, its value depreciates. The only thing that retains its value or gets more value all of the time is gold. This is probably one of the reasons why gold is becoming gold IRA or gold 401k. Gold is becoming the number one alternative to IRA, 401k, 403b, and Pension Plans.

    Do you know why IRA gold has become the ultimate investment nowadays? Because aside from not depreciating and its rising value, you know that governments can’t devalue it unlike stocks and paper investments. I'm thinking of investing in gold myself as 401k gold sounds really good to me. At least I can be confident that I'll have a retirement fund someday.

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    A short pause...

    I will probably be out for two days. I will be having an advance birthday celebration out of town with my favorite people for a change. I wish peanutbutter's here to celebrate it with me, sya na lang ang kulang fabulosa na ang birthday ko...

    I will be getting a year older in a few days. I think it's time to use those anti-aging creams in my closet..LOL! I'm excited, there will be food, gossip, photos and lots of memories to take in my heart.

    Advance Happy Birthday to me...

    Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    Little Martians

    Little Martians is a space themed play place for children much like Kidz Republic and Active Fun. The only difference is that aside from the slides and small rock climbing area, there's also a small area where kids can play computer games.

    This is where I left Ykaie when I met Brenice the other day. It's a good thing that nowadays there are play places like this where you can safely leave your child to play. She will enjoy herself and interact with other kids while you do the groceries or do some errands. 
    Aside from the staffs who look after the children while they have fun, another thing that I like about them is that they have a fingerprint scanner. They scan the guardians/parents fingerprint when the child goes in. When you claim your child, you'll also have to have your fingerprints scanned. They make sure that the person claiming the child is also the person who left it.

    Ykaie enjoyed two hours of playing at Little martians. Just in case you are wondering,rate is P165/hr.
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    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Dinner with Brenice

    Sometimes, life gets in the way of friendship. We have families, work, kids, problems and more problems. This year I wanna change all that and I wanna see friends more often. I realized that it's also another way you can de-stress.

    Brenice and I go way back since high school. We don't go out often.We see each other once a year which is like having an annual check-up-- not really your favorite thing to do {LOL!} but I don't think that the frequency of meet-ups measures how good your friendship is. You see, we only see each other once a year but there are stories that only WE can talk about.

    I told Brenice that I want to go out more often. She always go out on field works and has a really busy schedule. I also have a, sort of, busy schedule but I really hope we find the time... I had such a great time yesterday...the food, the stories and the photos! I want more food, photos and chika time!
    When I told Ykaie we were meeting her Ninang, she got excited. When she saw Bren, she gave her a hug and she warmed up to her immediately. Feeling close talaga lagi itong anak ko, which is a good thing.
    Sana nandito si Rence tsaka si May. I'm sure mas masaya...

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Uso na pala ang Thanksgiving sa Pilipinas??

    Kanina ay um-attend ako ng Thanksgiving Lunch. Akala nyo naman sobrang layo. Dito lang sa kabilang bahay, kila Tita Becka. Mga 15 steps away from our house. Well, galing naman sya ng Amerika  kaya understood na sine-celebrate nya talaga ang Thanksgiving. Di ko naman sukat akalain na marami na pala ang nagse-celebrate nyan dito including malls-- may Thanksgiving Sale sila. Naloka naman ako doon.

    Well, it's not bad naman kasi you are giving thanks for your bountiful life. Nakaka-surprise lang kasi parang naki-tradisyon na tayo. Sa akin okay lang naman, wag lang akong pupuwersahin na pabilhin ng Turkey..hahaha.. dahil bukod sa mahirap hanapin ay mahal pa ang turkey, nag roasted chicken na lang kami. Hop on over to The Peach Kitchen to check out what we had for Thanksgiving Lunch. {pero bukas na kayo mag-hop on..baka bukas ko pa mai-post..gabi na eh, hahaha}

    Good Night!


    Isang araw na walang magawa at nakapang-hiram ng side car sa kapitbahay...

    GT: Accessories and Apparel Section

    I used to collect different types of earrings when I was still single, kaya naman madalas ako sa accessories section sa mall. Well, noon yon pero nung nagka-baby na at sinimulan na ni ykaie na hablutin ang earrings ko sa tuwing may suot akong earrings, trinigilan ko na ang pagbili. Isa lang kasi ang natitira parati.

    Sa apparel section naman, di din ako madalas. Namimili lang ako kapag may paghahandaan na occassion or may sale at may nagustuhan ako...

    Wala naman akong masyadong masabi,girls..Bawi next thursday.

    an entry for .Happy Thursday!
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