Monday, May 31, 2010

DJ's Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was BFF DJ's birthday celebration. Super Yummy ang handa ni BFF. May Pasta Bar..different pastas with three kinds of sauces... Si DJ, super payat..dapat yata FATS ang gift ko sa kanya.....
Naku, si Ykaie na matakaw..nung marinig si Dj na "O kain na kayo"..Hala, hinila na yung kamay ko papuntang kusina at sabi "mommy, kain na daw..." home na at home.....

We feasted on Fettucine, Penne and Spiral Pasta with choice of Tomato,Cream and Pesto sauce. May Fried Chicken and Lumpiang Shanghai pa. Sayang lang I wasn't able to taste the Mango Cheesecake from Becky's kasi I had to go. Si cousin Roman nag-treat sa Boni High Street.
Its was so nice to see everyone again. Si DJ, Romelia, Si Cheryll and si T.Y. Naku, Si Cheryll na-miss ko kasi ngayon ko lang ulit sya nakita since my 18th birthday. Sayang di ko nakita si Laarnie and her cute baby Leighna. Di bale, there's always a next time....

Thanks DJ! Sarap ng Handa......Sa susunod di talaga ako papayag na di ko matikman ang dessert......

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Roman!

Happy Birthday to my dearest cousin! More fabulousness your way!.....How old are you again? Looking forward to dinner later.... mwah!

Wanna know more about my fabulous cousin? Drop by The Redbucks.

Happy Birthday DJ!

Today is my bff Dj's Big Day and I just wanna wish her more love, more blessings and happiness.........and oh.....a baby this year?

If you wanna know more about this supermommy drop by her blog: Precious Thoughts

See you later..

Credits: Claudio Diva Designs

Friday, May 28, 2010

Yehey! Umuulan!

Buti naman at umulan ng malakas ngayong gabi! Ang saya! Sobrang nami-miss ko na ang ulan. Favorite ko pa naman yung naa-anggihan ako habang natutulog...hahaha. Sana naman umabot itong ulan hanggang mamayang mag-close ako ng shop.
Sigurado ang sarap matulog nito.... Si peanutbutter na lang ang kulang...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I cannot believe its already been three years. There are times when it feels like its been twenty, other times it feels like we've just met because everyday, I fall in-love with you all-over again. I never expected marriage to be this crazy and amazing at the same time. I never expected it would be this full of tears and laughter. I never expected it to be this fattening and dependent....this affectionate....this emotional....this exciting.
Yes, we are apart right now and I miss you but still, you manage to make me fall in love with you all over again every single day. I fall in love with all the things that attracted me to you from the beginning.... those eyes...that smile. I fall in-love with the sweetness and the honesty...those little things like --sweet one sentence messages, a visit to my blog, a surprise call, corny jokes.... those important things like reassurances and love...your values and character...

I fall in love with things I discover along this journey we call your constant loyalty and commitment to our life together, your encouragement for my personal growth, and what you do to keep our love alive.

I fall in love with our dreams for the future, the continuation of our journey together, the experiences we've shared and the new experiences we'll be sharing. Most importantly I fall in love with the things we've accomplished, things that wouldn't mean anything if we didn't accomplish them together.

I am so happy I've found my best friend, my shoulder, my strength and my life. You make me so proud with what you do for us. You're amazing and I'm so proud to call you my husband.

Thank you for making me happy the past three years. Thank you for believing in me, for holding me, for changing me, for keeping me grounded, for kissing me and hugging me everyday when we're together.....
for loving me.

I can't wait to see what these next years of marriage holds for us.

I love you so much,my peanutbutter.HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tapa King

Spicy Vinegar and Regular Vinegar
There are days when you crave breakfast food for dinner and where else would you go but someplace where they serve breakfast all day long, 24/7.
Some of their meals come with soup which is very very tasty.... 
We just had to order Pork Tocino, because that's my Ykaie's favorite
I ordered the Tapa Prince, sweet and spicy tapa..
Sis ordered the Tapa King Plate, house specialty..
Kakay ordered the Crispy Liempo which has a very small serving...
We had Adobong Kangkong as our veggie..
Ykaie and kakay posing under Ykaie's fave Tocino...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hindi ko alam kung sadyang mainit lang ba talaga ang panahon o mainit at malagkit sa balat ang mga whitening chuvaness na ito?

Hay, kung di ko nga lang kailangang bumalik sa normal ang skintone ko, I'll just use the products I normally use. Simula kasi nung gamitin ko to feeling mega-lagkit and triple ang init. Pero kahit ganito, sige na nga, the name of VANITY....kailangang pumuti ulit.

Ang dami ko pang errands today! Nakakaluky! Tapos bitin pa yung latest episode ng NCIS be continued next week. Kung pwede lang sana hatakin ang mga araw para sa next episode....

Well, hindi naman ako narereklamo kasi these things makes life exciting...I'm sure maya-maya lang naghaha-gikgikan na naman kami ni Ykaie.....
at bago ako mag-babushka, eto may nadampot ako sa FB...
"i may not look hot enough for u..but i dare u..lend me your skin to feel my hotness from within.."


isang npkalanding kaldero:-D

Good morning!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Merienda at Club Balai Isabel

It was scorching hot out there so we wanted something cold to eat while in the shade. This was after taking pictures from the different beautiful spots in the place.So off we went to the Terraza Lakeside Restaurant.
Buco Pandan Salad [P80]
Kakay ordered this. I imagined Buco Pandan on ice. It was a small amount of buco pandan salad topped with grated cheese. I was really disappointed.
Halo-Halo in Coconut [P140]
This is very very very disappointing. The halo-halo was watery, I think this is because it took a really long time before it was served to us. There was little ice left and it wasn't even shaved ice but a little clump. This is more like Buco-Juice with halo-halo bits...
Halo-Halo [P100]
Those are shaved ice turned into one big clump which my spoon can't breakdown into its old teeny size...
These are the most frustrating halo-halo I've seen and tasted. How I missed Chowking's right then and there..

Axis Residential Treatment

Addiction is treatable. This is just one of the two core principles of the treatment program of Axis Residential Treatment Center. The other is that no two addicts are alike. From this two principles, individual drug treatment and alcohol treatment begins. Clients are treated according to their needs by using a unique combination of 12-Step therapy with individualized treatment plans to address the whole person, both mentally and physically making it more effective. Their cores services include: Screening and assessment, Detoxification, Residential Treatment, Partial and Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP), Individual and Group Counseling, Intervention Specialist Support, Family Program, Collaboration with Primary Care Physician.

Axis Residential Treatment Center is one of the top alcohol treatment center in the Palm Springs area east of Los Angeles. But they don't focus on alcohol rehab and drug rehab, they also offer  lots of activities to enrich and entertain residents during the rehab process.Residents also enjoy Internet access (where clinically appropriate), delicious and nutritionally balanced gourmet meals, laundry facilities, transportation and special requests (where clinically appropriate). These activities aid in the treatment process by allowing residents to focus on their treatment regiment.

Axis residential treatment provides a safe, exclusive and personalized treatment for you. -Largest Filipino Online Marketplace

Before peanutbutter went abroad to work, we always talk about wanting to buy a second hand car.  Some of the cars we preferred were Avanza, Corolla and Kia. We would browse around websites and surf through the web but we would always end up browsing at There are almost 400 pages containing different cars for sale. To narrow down your search, there are filters.You can search by cars in the whole Philippines or cars that are already in your specific city, so you can easily access it. You can also search by the price,in case you are working on a budget.And you can also search on the specific year the car was registered.
AyosDito is an online marketplace for buying and selling here in the Philippines. It is my online classified of choice because you can find everything you are looking for just in a single click. Their site is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. I haven't tried posting an ad or selling, though. It's more fun to buy things...heehee

Buying and selling all kinds of things are not the only things that you can do at AyosDito.If you are currently on looking for a job, there are lots of jobs online available. You can look for jobs that matches your skill or your field of expertise. You can find jobs from call center agent to supervisorial or managerial jobs. You can also narrow down the search to the jobs that are available in your city.

Buying a new cellphone or fitflops?? Try AyosDito for yourself.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Day at Club Balai Isabel

Sa wakas, bago man lang ako mawalan ng helper ay makapag-relax man lang. Kapag ganitong mga panahon ng bakasyon namimi-miss ko lalo si peanutbutter.Di na yata ako sanay magbakasyon ng wala sya. Enjoy din naman kasi naman si Ykaie sobrang hilig sa tubig.
We chose Club Balai Isabel, kasi nga, looking through their site, ay parang sobrang relaxing ng atmosphere doon...
..the view is spectacular.You can see the Taal Volcano in the background.
Syempre pagdating pa lang picture-taking na...ganda ng room namin, sulit ang bayad. Yes, si sis yang nagpi-picture...
Bed namin ni kulit...
After ng picture-an sa room...swimming na! Syempre si ykaie halos di mo na mapaahon sa tubig...
We stayed at the infinity pool.Yung Mobideep kasi, nawasak pala ng bagyong Ondoy. They rebuilt it but they are charging P250 entrance fee per person. Nakakalurky, hindi naman sya ganoon kaganda para magkaroon ng entrance fee.Tsaka, yun nga ang ipinunta mo sa Balai, tapos may separate payment pa...
eto pa, feeling ko lucky day ko at may nagbigay sa akin ng 2 stubs for body massage.Kaya lang ayaw naman pumayag ng Balai na i-claim ko yung massage without an authorization letter. Well, to this kind miss who gave me the stub, if you happen to land on my blog: THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me the stubs.
puro mommy moments ano???
O diba? naka-de-kwatro pa?
That concludes our micro-vacation....
last shot before going back to reality!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ykaie in Black

We went to Trinoma yesterday and watched Here Comes the Bride. Tawa kami ng tawa, panalo talaga lahat ng cast specially Angelica Panganiban, Eugene Domingo and John "Sweet" Lapuz! Pati na nga si Jaime Fabregas wagi dun sa short role nya bilang bading!
Syempre, wagi din ang outfit ni Ykaie...

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Si Ykaie na Extra

Hehehe..nakakatawa itong si Ykaie, sa tuwing may pinipiktyuran akong mga food or mga bagay-bagay para sa blogs ko, unti-unti syang ume-ekstra. Katulad na lang nitong soup at softdrinks, habang pinipiktyuran ko ay unti-unti nyang nilalapit ang ulo nya para makasama sya sa picture! Wahahaha, Unti-unti pa, siguro akala nya di ko mapapansin... Isinama ko na nga sya sa shot.

Dati-rati ayaw nito magpa-picture eh...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Si ROBIN PADILLA ang bagong host ng WOWOWEE

Haler!! Nakasulat na kaya sa schedule ko na manood ng WOWOWEE everyday, kanina pa.. wahahaha....
Sa wakas, makakakita na rin ng mas maaliwalas na mukha sa tanghali.

Permanente na kaya ito?! Sana nga ano?

Oh well, at least si Robin ang kinuhang kapalit ni Willie, walang comparison at mas cutiepie. Buti na lang di naisipan ng management na si Jobert Sucaldito ang kunin...heehee

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 wakas

Kaninang umaga, ikinabit na yung bagong aircon na binili ko para sa second floor ng shop. Hay, ang laki ng in-improve ng temperature ng shop lalo na't galing ka sa labas. Sa wakas ay hindi na ako kakabahan na baka bigla na lang magliyab ang mga customers kasama ang mga computers sa taas. Paano ba naman ay nuknukan ng init ngayong mga panahong ito. Ang mga loyal customers ko, kesehoda mala-impyerno ang init ay sige pa rin ang laro sa taas. Naaawa na ako sa kanila pag nakikita ko na bumababa na basa ng pawis samantalang yung mga nasa ibaba prenteng-prenteng nalalamigan...hehehehe....

Feeling ko talaga nag-level up itong shop and I'm proud of it. Feeling ko rin, my customers will love me more...Sana makabili rin kahit dalawang units this year...

I Don't Wanna Miss His Fights

Watching sports online is not really an everyday thing for me because I am not a sports fan.  I can count on one hand the sports that I like and the programs that I'm able to watch on TV. Let's admit it, life can be really busy specially for a working mom like me. I juggle work, house chores, taking care of the kids, doing the grocery and everything else in between. But there are shows that you just don't miss watching.

I am a fan of Manny Pacquiao, who isn't? I don't want to miss his fights--ever.That is what Clear Internet Services are for. They offer a variety of high-speed internet options for home and on the go users. You can immediately watch your favorite show, even if you are still working in your computer at home. When you go out, Clear Wireless makes it possible for you to watch your favorite sports anywhere in the city. Whether you are having coffee with friends, at the mall, in the bus, in your car or at the mall, you can still see that Manny Pacquiao fight you've waiting for. I just can't miss seeing how Manny Pacquiao wins every time.

Monday, May 10, 2010

This weekend...

We let the kids play at Active Fun before dinner this weekend...
and yesterday, this neighborhood youth club gave out roses to all the moms in the neighborhood and greeted them a Happy Mothers day. Isn't that sweet?
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Katulad nga ng sinabi ko last year, saludo ako sa mga nanay dahil...........

Ang nanay ang may pinakamahirap na trabaho sa balat ng lupa.24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Matindi pa sa doktor dahil walang day-off at 24 hours on call. Parang endorser ng Vitamins, "bawal magkasakit". Parang OFW na minaltrato- walang sweldo,walang bakasyon,walang leave,bawal umabsent.Walang benepisyo. Walang medical,dental o kahit na ano pa mang insurance.Walang holi-holiday. Di pwedeng mag-reimburse ng expenses.Walang promotion at di pwedeng mag-reklamo. All-around din ang trabaho na ito: Nurse, sekretarya, organizer, planner, taga-kumpuni ng sirang-laruan, mananhi ng sirang damit, taga-tikim ng pagkain, taga-buhat at higit sa lahat, janitor. Kaya dapat dito ga-kalabaw ang lakas ang trabahong ito ay panghabang-buhay.

Take Note: Wala na ngang sweldo ikaw pa ang magpapa-sweldo. Magbibigay ng baon, pambili ng chichirya, laruan, incentives,tuition fee at iba pa. And when you die? you have to give whatever is left.

The oddest thing about everything is that you actually enjoy them. Kung pwede lang na doblehin mo pa yung mga ibinibigay mo, dodoblehin mo. Masarap kasi yung feeling. 

I felt closer to my mom when I became a mother. You won't understand how a mother feels until you become one. It's a sacrifice, it's a blessing, it's contentment, it's BLISS....

Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms I know and to all the wondeful moms who visit my blog everyday...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nami-miss na kita...

Nami-miss na kitang ipagtimpla ng kape pagka-gising mo at kwentuhan ng kung anu-anong nangyari sa araw ko habang nagkakape ka..
Nami-miss ko ng mainis sa'yo kapag ayaw mo bumangon sa tuwing ginigising kita..
Nami-miss ko ng gisingin ka ng tatlong beses tuwing gabi tapos tuwing gigisingin kita lagi mong sinasabi "10 minutes na lang"
Nami-miss ko na ang pasalubong mong manggang hinog, yogurt at Meiji.. ngayon alam ko na ikaw ang may kasalanan kaya ako hooked sa chocolates...hindi kaya ako masyadong nagke-crave sa chocolates ngayon...
Nami-miss ko na yung kwentuhan natin bago ka matulog sa tanghali..
Nami-miss na kita ipagluto ng mga peborit mong pagkain...
Nami-miss na kitang awayin....Wala akong mapag-trip-an..hehehe
Nami-miss na kita...wala akong technician dito sa shop..ang mahal sumingil ni Dante..hahaha

I miss you peanutbutter!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

LP: Bulaklak

Ito ang bulaklak ng Mickey Mouse Plant. Tinawag itong Mickey Mouse plant kasi kamukha niya si Mickey Mouse.. Isa yan sa mga tanim ng nanay ko sa harapan ng aming bakuran...

ito ang aking lahok para sa.Magandang Huwebes! 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cravin' for Greenwich

Lasagna Supreme Solo [P87]
Sometimes you just get  a craving for a certain food, you just have to forget about this certain diet that you are into. I craved for Greenwich's Lasagna the other day.
They have a new "American Idol" Drink which I tried. It's actually Sprite with mint. Don't get me wrong, I love mint-- specially chocolate mint but this drink is simply wrong for me. I felt like I paired my Lasagna with mouthwash. I should have settled for a simple pineapple juice.
Bacon Chicken Carbonara Solo [P87]

Sis ordered the new pasta and she didn't like it. Although, I must say that their garlic stix is always a must-eat.
Big Time Lunch A [P99]
Kakay ordered the Big Time Lunch meal which is: a little spaghetti, chicken, rice and a glass of softdrink.
It's a good thing we were able to enjoy these meals and wasn't hurt or detained by this accident that happened on the way to the restaurant. I think the reason why there was an accident on the main road was the sudden rain. It was a car and an SUV. Nobody was hurt except the cars.I hope they have motor trade insurance, those damaged parts will surely hurt the pocket.

Greenwich Pizza
Ground Floor
Malabon City Square
C4 Rd. cor. Dagatdagatan
Malabon, Metro Manila

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dads Resort, Malabon

Ewan ko ba kay sis kung bakit nya naisipan na magyaya bigla mag-swimming dito. Hala, eh pag summer pa naman ay nuknukan ng dami ang tao dito dahil sa ito na yata ang isa sa pinakamalapit na pwedeng lubluban at languyan .
Kaya naman talagang walang plano-plano at go kami. Tinawagan lang namin si Nongnang Roman para ju-moin at ang dalawang pedicab driver para magpahatid..hehehe...
Super crowded! Ito na lang ang available na pwesto. Table with Umbrella for P250. Entrance Fee is P130 each.
Ano baon namin??Salami Sandwich, Spam, Rice, Chichirya at Juice.
Nakakalurky lang talaga mag-swimming sa ganito at mega-crowded. Gusto nyo makita kung gaano ka-crowded?? eto...
O diba?? ang dami-daming people? Nakaka-inggit nga yung mga baon nila. Parang gusto ko tuloy manghingi dun sa kabilang table ng baon nilang pancit.Gusto ko sila isa-isahin, dun sa isang table may fruit salad, sa isang table may pancit, sa isang table may isang drum na spaghetti at of course, ang pinaka-nakaka-inggit sa lahat--yung table na may sandamakmak na inihaw.  Di kasi kami prepared at ura-urada magyaya si sis.
Ang kiddie pool, susme, nanglilimahid na..hahahaha....My gas!
Nagka-sunburn na si Ykaie sa sobrang babad sa tubig at ayaw umahon. Sa totoo lang mas masarap dito magpunta kapag tag-ulan na at kaunti lang ang tao.
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