Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cravin' for Greenwich

Lasagna Supreme Solo [P87]
Sometimes you just get  a craving for a certain food, you just have to forget about this certain diet that you are into. I craved for Greenwich's Lasagna the other day.
They have a new "American Idol" Drink which I tried. It's actually Sprite with mint. Don't get me wrong, I love mint-- specially chocolate mint but this drink is simply wrong for me. I felt like I paired my Lasagna with mouthwash. I should have settled for a simple pineapple juice.
Bacon Chicken Carbonara Solo [P87]

Sis ordered the new pasta and she didn't like it. Although, I must say that their garlic stix is always a must-eat.
Big Time Lunch A [P99]
Kakay ordered the Big Time Lunch meal which is: a little spaghetti, chicken, rice and a glass of softdrink.
It's a good thing we were able to enjoy these meals and wasn't hurt or detained by this accident that happened on the way to the restaurant. I think the reason why there was an accident on the main road was the sudden rain. It was a car and an SUV. Nobody was hurt except the cars.I hope they have motor trade insurance, those damaged parts will surely hurt the pocket.

Greenwich Pizza
Ground Floor
Malabon City Square
C4 Rd. cor. Dagatdagatan
Malabon, Metro Manila


Karen Chayne said...

sarap nung lasagna sis! its my first time to see that american idol and since you said that it tastes like a mouthwash, i better not to try it.. lol!

Lady Patchy said...

mouhtwash din kaagad naisip ko sa drinks .the lasagna looks good,di ko pa natikman yan sa greenwich.

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