Friday, May 21, 2010 -Largest Filipino Online Marketplace

Before peanutbutter went abroad to work, we always talk about wanting to buy a second hand car.  Some of the cars we preferred were Avanza, Corolla and Kia. We would browse around websites and surf through the web but we would always end up browsing at There are almost 400 pages containing different cars for sale. To narrow down your search, there are filters.You can search by cars in the whole Philippines or cars that are already in your specific city, so you can easily access it. You can also search by the price,in case you are working on a budget.And you can also search on the specific year the car was registered.
AyosDito is an online marketplace for buying and selling here in the Philippines. It is my online classified of choice because you can find everything you are looking for just in a single click. Their site is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. I haven't tried posting an ad or selling, though. It's more fun to buy things...heehee

Buying and selling all kinds of things are not the only things that you can do at AyosDito.If you are currently on looking for a job, there are lots of jobs online available. You can look for jobs that matches your skill or your field of expertise. You can find jobs from call center agent to supervisorial or managerial jobs. You can also narrow down the search to the jobs that are available in your city.

Buying a new cellphone or fitflops?? Try AyosDito for yourself.

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