Friday, May 21, 2010

Merienda at Club Balai Isabel

It was scorching hot out there so we wanted something cold to eat while in the shade. This was after taking pictures from the different beautiful spots in the place.So off we went to the Terraza Lakeside Restaurant.
Buco Pandan Salad [P80]
Kakay ordered this. I imagined Buco Pandan on ice. It was a small amount of buco pandan salad topped with grated cheese. I was really disappointed.
Halo-Halo in Coconut [P140]
This is very very very disappointing. The halo-halo was watery, I think this is because it took a really long time before it was served to us. There was little ice left and it wasn't even shaved ice but a little clump. This is more like Buco-Juice with halo-halo bits...
Halo-Halo [P100]
Those are shaved ice turned into one big clump which my spoon can't breakdown into its old teeny size...
These are the most frustrating halo-halo I've seen and tasted. How I missed Chowking's right then and there..


Dj MariƱas said...

ang lungkot nga ng merienda nila :(. natawa ko dun sa buco pandan, hehe.

Karen Chayne said...

uu nga sis at ang mahal pa ng price

Kate said...

ang sad naman :( mukha pa naman na masarap!

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