Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dinner with Brenice

Sometimes, life gets in the way of friendship. We have families, work, kids, problems and more problems. This year I wanna change all that and I wanna see friends more often. I realized that it's also another way you can de-stress.

Brenice and I go way back since high school. We don't go out often.We see each other once a year which is like having an annual check-up-- not really your favorite thing to do {LOL!} but I don't think that the frequency of meet-ups measures how good your friendship is. You see, we only see each other once a year but there are stories that only WE can talk about.

I told Brenice that I want to go out more often. She always go out on field works and has a really busy schedule. I also have a, sort of, busy schedule but I really hope we find the time... I had such a great time yesterday...the food, the stories and the photos! I want more food, photos and chika time!
When I told Ykaie we were meeting her Ninang, she got excited. When she saw Bren, she gave her a hug and she warmed up to her immediately. Feeling close talaga lagi itong anak ko, which is a good thing.
Sana nandito si Rence tsaka si May. I'm sure mas masaya...


Rome Diwa said...

the resto looks familiar. Have we dine here before?

Kate said...

How sweet :) Hope you'll have more meet ups and bonding sessions this coming year!

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