Friday, November 5, 2010

We don't use diapers anymore

We haven't been using diapers during daytime since Ykaie turned two. I was already able to potty train her.

Today, was good news.The other day we {Ykaie} have started not wearing any diapers to sleep. She didn't wet the bed for two days now. She's turning three in a few days and I thought that it's about time she lets go of diapers. What I do is wake her up every three hours to pee which is really not a problem for me since I'm really a light sleeper and is used to waking up at night. It didn't become a problem with Ykaie too.

How did I manage to get her to wake up? Well, I kinda talked to her about this a month ago and she agreed to give it a try. Then I reminded her of our "talk" every week just to make sure she doesn't forget about it. The other day, when I told her that we are going to start that night she just said "Cge" {Ok}.

I'm really so proud of her and I'm really proud that it's so easy to talk and make an agreement with her.


Nica said...

Congratulations to you and your little bundle of joy! Potty training can be really difficult. This is a milestone and calls for a celebration mommy peach!

anney said...

Yehey!! Bawas gastos!

Kate said...

WOW! Good jub Ykaie :) I'm sure it's a big sigh of relief from the environment and of course Mom's wallet :D haha!

MomRizza said...

Wow ang galing ni Ykaie! si Jeffrey huminto nung 4 years old siya, kasi nahiya na sa mga classmates nya, hehehe...tama si Anney, bawas gastos nga naman ;)

Dj MariƱas said...

huwaw! very good naman talaga si Ykaie!

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