Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Having a Logo

So far I am having a great morning. Had a nice breakfast with my sissies--Rome and Anney. We had some toasts, sardines, soup and coffee. Over breakfast we laughed and gossiped, as usual but we also had a few serious topics. I talked to them about how I would like to have a Custom Logo Design for my blogs. A logo is eye catching and you can be remembered through it if you get the right one. It can easily convey what you want to your customers, if you are in a business or in my case, to my would-be readers.

In case you are wondering where I would put those logos that I want so much, well, I'm thinking of having some business cards printed. That is why it is highly important that I have a logo that embodies me and my blogs. I want a logo that makes a statement. I must admit that it is not easy to think of one and that I may need the help of professionals. I consulted with my sissies first, because they may have some ideas. After all, they are the ones who know me very well. I hope thye come up with good ones.


seth said...

it is tough doing a logo specially if you haven't got any creative juice in you....But logo is really important to us!

Kate said...

Hi Peach :) Hope you find your perfect logo

Rome Diwa said...

yun oh! business cards!!! penge!! I have a business far ya sissy... monkey business lol

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