Sunday, August 15, 2010


It was two years ago when I first tried Jatujak. I did because I heard a lot of good feedbacks about it.
Pad Thai Noodles {P185}
Two years later, I'm eating tasty rice noodles on a Sunday afternoon because somebody is craving for it --my sissy.
Bagoong Rice {P155}
Fried rice with shrimp paste served with scrabled eggs and green mango.
Moo Grob {P230}
Crispy Pork with Cilantro Relish. It's like a salad with cucumbers and a yummy vinaigrette.

Yes,I know. This would kill me. 
 Mint and Lemongrass {P45}
I let sis try this and she said "Eeww". Ykaie tried this and she had the most icky expession on earth..but I genuinely like it. What can I say? I have weird taste,hee. This is pretty much like the Soynut Butter Thing.

I have to make my own Mint and Lemongrass drink sometime...

4th Level SM The Block
Quezon City

an entry forPhotobucket  . Happy Start of the Week!


MomRizza said...

Uy peach, parang ang sarap ng bagoong rice and moo grob! teka nga....di ka na ba diet?

sassy mom said...

I love Pad Thai ... and the Bagoong rice, ummmm to die for.

Verna Luga said...

diyos ko... ang sarap yummmm....

Enchie said...

Love ko Moo Grob!

Bambie ♥ said...

mukhang masarap yung bagoong rice.. aww parang guso ko sya kainin..

admin said...

i love pad thai too! :) haven't tried bagoong rice, looks good... your entry made me hungry... :)


i♥pinkc00kies said...

thai food!!! i love pad thai too.. i miss eating satay, chicken pandan and lemongrass chicken! and uber love the sticky rice with mango for dessert.

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