Monday, December 7, 2009

Big Better Burger

I consider burger as one of the basic food groups when I was a child. I love burgers so much. Big Mac would always be my first love but I am always on the look out for something new and something better to try. So when I found out there's this store called Big Better Burger, I wanted to go immediately. I couldn't find the time, though.

Iced Tea (Bottomless)
I was able to try the classic burger when peanutbutter brought one home. Nauna pa syang i-try sa akin, thanks to his officemates. I just woke up from an afternoon nap then. It was 3pm. I ate it immediately. It was gone in 5 seconds..heehee. Feeling ko ang lang yata ako nun. Di kasi ako nag-lunch.

Classic Burger with Cheese (P115)
This is 1/3 lb of greasy beef goodness, with lettuce, tomato, onion , cheese and dill mayo. The burger is juicy and perfect. Kaya lang busog yata ako nung kumain kami, I couldn't finish mine --or could the BBB in T. Morato makes better burger than the one in SM Annex? Hmmnn.. it makes me wonder. Sis ordered the HahalapeƱo Burger.

Wedges(P55) Cheese Sauce (P15) Salsa (P15)
I didn't like the taste and consistency of the cheese sauce nor the salsa. The wedges are great, though.

I think potatoes and rice are Ykaie's favorite starch. She never liked burgers or spaghettis at fast food places.

 BBB's burgers are definitely good but I like Wham Burgers better.

Big Better Burger
UG SM The Annex
Quezon City


pet said...

ayan na naman ang pagkain, ang sasarap ah! di mapigilan ang maglaway pagnakakita ako nito. kakagutom talaga..ibinalik mo na naman ang mga pagkain sa site mo ha mommy peach!

Enchie said...

Speaking of burgers, 2 weeks na kaming nag ke- crave ng husband ko ng grilled burgers. We'll look for this one in Tomas Morato.Thanks Peachy!

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