Friday, December 18, 2009

GT : Christmas Decorations

Christmas won't be the same without Christmas decorations and bright lights.

My mom makes sure that every 15th of November, our house already has Christmas lights and Christmas lanterns on the windows. We also buy poinsettias which we put up on our small terrace.

This year, our Christmas decors are the usual. My mom bought poinsettias from Manila Seedlings, we put up Christmas Lights and Christmas lanterns outside the house and of course, there's  a Christmas tree inside the house beside our leather sofa that needs refurbishing. Hmmnn.. which reminds me, I have to get that refurbished and Should I buy leather beds to match?

Another things that adds to the Christmas feel is the use of plates, cups and glasses that has a Christmas theme.We have mugs that has pictures of Santa Claus and snowmen. We also use plates that has a mistletoe design.

Anyways, all the house in the neighborhood has decorated their house and children has started to do their Christmas Carolings wherein they go from house to house and sing Christmas songs hoping to get money.

an entry for . Here's wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

ay ba't sa labas ng bahay ang nasa pic sana pti loob...

angel maia said...

Leather bed frames would be nice. It could help you relax and be comfortable while you read a book before dozing off.

*sigh* miss ko na rin Christmas satin. I'm sure you've had your Christmas decors early too right? sanay kasi tayong mga Nov. pa lang may decors na. :D

nuts said...

wow, i would love to have leather beds too..;)

my Chrismas tree is up now.

anne said...

uhmm we need bed this holiday season especially fiath is gorwing up can u imagine were about four sleeping in our bed everynight wahhh mine is up and its here thanks

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