Thursday, December 3, 2009

Zero In Periphery : The Untold History

Who wouldn't want to know about their history. If somebody told you that they know something about you, something which your parents never told you about, wouldn't you get curious?
Wouldn't you get more curious if you were shown parts of history that you never saw or were never discussed in your grade school and highschool textbooks?

The five museums in Manila teamed up to reveal untold history and treasures of knowledge in the Zero In Periphery exhibit.

The Ring of Fire - The First Southeast Asian Ceramic Festival at The Ayala Museum
[Photos by James bk Seet]

In this generation of plastics, Ceramics and Pottery is soon becoming a history. This exhibit shows artworks  made of clay, later cooked into ceramics. It brings back the Filipino culture, it shows our traditional and artistic style.It also shows the unique styles of our other neighboring ASEAN countries, as 10 of the pot makers came from other ASEAN countries aprticipating in the exhibit.

Remembering the Atrocities of War at Bahay Tsinoy Museum

This exhibits featured the Chinese life here in the Philippines.The exhibit featured the Nanjing Massacre of 1937 in China and the 1945 massacre here in the Philippines where many Chinese and Filipinos were killed brutally by the Japanese Empire.

Delete Scenes at The Lopez Memorial Museum
[Photos by Azrael Colladilla]

This is just one of the faces of Martial Law that were never released to the public. Artists like Al Manrique, expressed his feelings, thoughts and experiences in his sketchpad with the use of charcoal and ink. These artworks showed the government and its problems during that era.

The exhibit also featured the movie Memories of a Forgotten War, a documentary of the Philippine-American War of 1899. You'll be surprised at the crucial events behind the Philippine-American relation.

Beyond Frame- Philippine Photomedia  at the Ateneo Art Gallery

These are artworks expressed through photography. The Ateneo Art Gallery features photo artworks and installations of Poklong Anading, Ringo Bunoan, Mario Co, Lena Cobangbang, Romina Diaz, Christina Dy, Lani Maestro, Gina Osterloh, Rachel Rillo, Steve Tirona, Norberto Roldan, Gerardo Tan, Tony Twigg, MM Yu.

The Invisible Children at Museo Pambata

Children delegates wrote lots of poems, storyboards and artworks. They also shouted out their rights and voiced out their  wishes  for everyone.

This is what the exhibit at the Museong Pambata is all about. The voice of the children who comes from different situations here in our country and other regions of Asia.


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