Friday, December 18, 2009

Will be Diet-ing Soon, Promise!

I'm so grateful to Red Ribbon for letting me and my family experience how wonderful their Chocolate Walnut Fudge is. This was my birthday cake last Friday and to top it off, we had girl bonding last Saturday with lots of food as well.

Gosh, I could feel the waist of my pants getting tighter each day. It's really really hard to go on a diet during Christmas Season. I'll have to go on that 3-day diet again followed by the South Beach Diet in January for me to lose all the weight I gained. If I don't do it, I'm not gonna be able to wear my clothes again next year.The pounds will be piling up, I'm sure. This year it's 15 lbs, next its 30 lbs.I might have to undergo Liposuction sooner or later.

 Time to think about my New Year's Resolution for 2010....


Enchie said...

Ok lang yan... you deserve all the best on your special day. Thanks to Red Ribbon big time!

angel maia said...

Wala munang diet pag-birthday ;D Sarap talaga ng cakes ng Red Ribbon.

By the way, Belated Happy Birthday dear... Wishing you good health.

God bless.

Fresh Local and Best said...

Happy birthday. I do the same, enjoy today and work hard to make up for it tomorrow.

Gloria Baker said...

Oh my God, I hate diets but I know sometimes we need it. je,je, But I think has to be after Christmas my dear, xxxx gloria

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