Monday, December 21, 2009

Healthy Shabu-Shabu

Shabu-Shabu is Japanese hot pot. We usually don't go to Shabu-Shabu restaurants because its a little more expensive than the normal restos. Kaya lang medyo naglalambing si peanutbutter. It's a first time again after a long time and this is also healthier alternative so...there we went.

She's pretty excited to eat...

We ordered the Beef  Tenderloin Set (P1,900) which is good for four persons. It consisted of four glasses of refillable Iced Tea, a plate of thin beef tenderloin slices......

and a plate of different vegetables like bok choy, pechay, shiitake mushrooms, taro, corn, and carrots.It has two kinds noodles,tofu, squid balls, chicken balls and crabsticks.

You'll have your own pot of soup, an egg, different spices and I guess that's a bowl of beef broth concentrate? I really have no idea what that brown soup is except that it taste like beef and it's really good.

Hot pot with the poached's really good. I guess if you get the hang of it...

It was only me, peanutbutter, my sister who calls herself Anney and Ykaie who ate the whole set so we were really stuffed. It was a lot of food for three and a half people. Come to thin of it, the set can even be good for five.

Ykaie is very pre-occuppied with here bowl of noodles.

Feel na feel, oh? Nakapikit pa....

Hala, labas na dila....yumyum!


Corn Shots!

Seriously..our family needs to go on a!

Healthy Shabu- Shabu
3/F The Block Bldg, North EDSA, Quezon CIty


maggie said...

ang cute, cute ni ykaie!

arny said...

mukhang ang sarap sarap nga ah! si ykaie napapapikit sa sarap eh hahahha ang cute cute!

anney said...

hahahah ang cute ni Ykaie!! Feel na feel ang pag lafang!!! Ang mahal ng shabu shabu na yan no! Sa totoo lang masarap pa yung dirty mami jan sa may kanto natin na tig 10 pesos lang! muhahaha!

Fresh Local and Best said...

The shabu shabu looks amazing. Your daughter looks like she is having a great time!

JonaBQ said...

peach, nainggit ako kay Ykaie don ah. namiss ko ung shabu-shabu sa HK, hay.


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