Thursday, December 10, 2009

Translia - Online Translation

Have you ever experienced going to a website and not understanding everything that's in there? Of course, the owner of the website writes using his or her primary language. Wouldn't it be easier if we can translate everything? This way we could reach out to more people and have them understand what we have to say. But people will only understand if you can get perfect translation.

Perfect translation done by professional translator and delivered on time-- those things, you'll surely get from Translia. Translia is an innovative service platform which enables thousands of translators to work together and deliver translations better and quicker.

Clients may translate their contents to/from any major language in the world in just a few clicks.They can set the price,time and even choose their translators.Clients can translate as many as words as they want because there are no minimum word count or minimum charge limit.All this are backed up by 100% client satisfaction guarantee. Clients don't pay until they are satisfied. Clients may even get free translation.

Register for free and join the Translia Affiliate Program to receive 10% of referred sales as a commision.

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