Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Last Christmas [2008] : The Pictures, The Food

Our family isn't that complete these Christmas but we had fun, specially because all the kids in the family were present.

If you wanna check out our CHRISTMAS FEAST, please drop by THE PEACH KITCHEN.

Our Family Picture: I am right there, hiding at the back of my brother..too fat this year..harhar..

The Kids from L to R: Chellie, Thea& Cyvinne, Ehm, Zoe, Shy, Niko& Gab, Kakai and Ykaie

Here I am, getting my gift from Santa [my father]

Ykaie is not in the mood to get her gifts, she just wants to play with her cousins..

Thea, Ykaie, Eio and Zoe

Ykaie is really close to her Kuya Kakai

Look at that says, I don't wanna take pictures anymore...

Come night time,We had some games for the kids and here, they are dancing to the tune of NOBODY..

Ykaie was hogging the

It looks like she's singing really well but she was the only one who understood what she was singing..heehee. It was a great day. I had so much fun.

Can't wait for our New Year's Celebration!


anney said...

In fairness ang liit na ng braso mo!

Dj Marinas said...

katuwa naman pag ganito. the more the marrier. makapag anak nga ng sampu, ha ha. joke :-P

Gloria Baker said...

Love your pictures, a lot of fun!! I love your Santa!! (your father) I love him! gloria

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