Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thumbs Up to the KNOWLEDGE Channel Foundation Inc. and Lopez Group

The Knowledge Channel is the only all-educational channel in the Philippines.Most of their programs are curriculum-based and are for different levels of learning.This is one of the reasons why I encourage my 2 year old daughter to watch some of their programs. So far, she can relate to the counting of numbers and the singing of the Alphabet Song.

The Knowledge Channel has managed to reach out and educate the poor and marginalized children through media.This is done by coordinating ang connecting with public schools all over the country. So it's really a great news that the Knowledge Channel and Department of Education renew basic education tools development partnership.

Another great news is that Estudyantipid, the first show on financial literacy, is going to continue with Estudyantipid II. It will continue in teaching young students on ways of using and saving money properly. This is another life skills programming that is very applicable specially today wherein we have to be smart in handling our money.

Thumbs up for the Lopez Group for the Knowledge Channel. But that's not the only achievement they have for this year. According to the LopezLink 2009 Year End Report, last month alone, ABS-CBN beats its rivals for the exclusive coverage of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Nov. 12 visit, propelled in part by its “wide reach among Filipinos here and abroad.”

To make their reach wider and to have more interaction with the public, they also have a Forum on their newly launched website-- Lopez Link Website - Good!


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