Monday, December 28, 2009

Stick House

 "mommy, can I have some ice cream?"
When I saw the Stick House for the first time, I just took, like a, 3-second glance and thought, Oh its ice cream on stick then I went on my way.
Yesterday, we  planned to watch I Love You, Goodbye but weren't able to because there were lots of people and we were too lazy to fall in line. What we did was took the kids for kiddie rides.It took us 30 minutes in line for a 3-minute ride. Talk about people spending what they got for Christmas.

It was after that ride when I saw the Stick House again. This time, I lingered a bit and found out out that these are actually Gelato on a Stick. I Gelato! I have to try this.
There were lots of flavors. Premium: Pistachio and Coffee (P80)
                                         Regular:   Milk Cream and Chocolate (P70)
                                         Sorbet:    Strawberry and Mango (P60)

You can also opt to have some toppings for your gelato. The available toppings are Almond, Hazelnut, and Coffee for P25 (full) and P15 (half). Pistachio is also available but it's more expensive, P40(full) and P25(half)

Pistachio Ice Cream with Full Pistachio Topping (P120)

Pistachio Ice Cream half-dipped in Chocolate (P100)
I swear it was Belgian Chocolate that this ice cream was dipped into. It was so  smooth and creamy. It was perfect, perfect, perfect. peanutbutter loves Pistachio ice cream. He's got to try this! As for me, I'll have to go back and try all those yummy flavors.

Stick House
4th level 
Trinoma Mall
(near the cinema)


fimere said...

beautiful photos
Happy Holidays

Dj Marinas said...

sarap naman nyan. must try pag nadaan ulit kami ng trinoma

reyapot said...

wow sarap yan sis ah!
ma-try nga minsan :-)
happy new year!

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