Monday, November 30, 2009

Decluttering your Computer

 Its very easy to declutter your workspace in the house or in the office. All you need are some cleaning materials. A little sweep here, some throwing and wiping there and you are all done. It's harder to declutter your computer because you can't just throw away some of the files that you don't need. Sometimes, its even harder just to find them.

That's what duplicate files finder are for.Moleskinsoft's Clone Remover is a small shareware utility which find duplicate files and removes them. This best works on Windows, whether PC or laptop. It searches for duplicate files, whatever it is,and deletes them in a safe way. No harm done to your other files.

Here are five ways to search for  duplicate files:
1. By Contents - Files may have different names but the same content and they maybe located in different folders.
2. By MP3 Title - this is a great way to clean up your disk space.
3. By Properties
4. By Similar Images - these are images that are the same but is different in size or caption
5. Files with zero size - these are totally useless files that really needs deleting.

Does your PC need decluttering? Check out the free download here.

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