Thursday, November 26, 2009

GT: Fave Birthday Gift

My favorite birthday gift ever received was given by my then boyfriend,now hubby peanutbutter.

Yup, you guessed it! A night at Sonya's Garden. A B&B tucked in the rolling hills of Tagaytay.

I love travelling. I love Bed & Breakfasts. And I love lazy mornings....Well, this I haven't done lately. Imagine my surprise when he told me about this one relaxing,romantic day....

I wanna go back to Sonya's Garden one of these days....I wanna enjoy a day with good food, no work, and of course, I want a relaxing massage.

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SASSY MOM said...

Aww.. how sweet! I also love to travel -- and it's more fun to sepnd it with the hubs of course.

Enchie said...

so sweet naman... ma-try nga ang Sonya's my mom loves the place especially the food :D

jeanny said...

that so sweet. A morning at sonya's bed and breakfast is really relaxing :)

Happy Weekend!

Mommy Liz said...

Kapag sa gift giving, bokya talaga ang asawa ko..ano yang sonya's garden na yan, sa garden kau natulog? tapos may tent?? mukhang nakapajama ka eh..Hehehe..aba, eh yung massage type ko yun..

Gloria Baker said...

nice pictures, dear peachskin!

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