Friday, November 20, 2009

Electronic Cigarettes: A fun and healthy alternative

Does anyone in your family smoke? Personally, I don't smoke but my husband, aunt and FIL does.Even my favorite cousins smoke and I really can't do anything about it. If people in your family smoke most likely second hand smoke will be passed on to you and other members of your family. This is even more dangerous than what the smokers get.

Imagine if you can give them an alternative that won't stop them from smoking at all. Imagine smokeless cigarettes that look like traditional cigarettes but is completely different. This is where electronic cigarette comes in.

E cigarettes is like the cigarette of the future. These are cigarettes that has the look and feel of traditional cigarettes but  doesn't contain the harmful substances that traditional cigarettes has like tar or carbon monoxide. What's also great about this is that it is completely smokeless so it doesn't leave any stale smell in your hands, clothes or home furnishings. You can smoke these everywhere, even in places where smoking is prohibited because aside from being smokeless, there's no ashes or cigarette butts to worry about.

This is a healthy and fun alternative to smoking.Who knows, they might quit smoking because of this...

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