Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kaya Korean Restaurant

.....because peanutbutter is craving for Kimchi.Who craves for Kimchi, anyway? Personally, I am not a fan of it nor do I crave for it but I love a good Korean Barbecue.

Soup, included in the meal. It has very thin egg strips and chives.At syempre, knowing Ykaie na mahilig sa soup. Sya lang ang nakaubos ng soup ko.

Kalbi Gui Bap (P 225)
This is the House Specialty. It simply means marinated short ribs and rice. I love how this dish taste pero sobrang bitin ang isang order.

a closer look

Kimchi (P35)
Kimchi is a very popular Korean side dish made of pickled vegetables with varied seasonings. Di kami masyado close nito..

Talangkanin/ Aligue Bibimbap (P220)

I ordered this dish because I was intrigued by the thought that it was popularized by the Telenovela "Only You" which stars Angel Locsin.
This is Korean Bibimbap with a Filipino twist. The meal includes rice,carrots, aligue, squid rings,mushroom, sunny-side up egg, shrimp,sesame seeds, bean sprouts and spinach.

I love the over-all taste but this is one heavy meal! Heavy on the tummy and in the pocket as well.

At si Ykaie na gaya-gaya. Hinihiram ang camera at pipiktyuran daw nya ang rice nya na pagkapangit-pangit. Sabi ko picture-an ko na lang sila ng rice nya.....hahahahaha.Ayan nakangiting tumabi sa rice na kakarimpot!

Kaya Korean Restaurant
1/Lvl., Robinsons Place Expansion Mall,
Ermita, Manila


Dj Mariñas said...

he he. cute ni Ykaie.

Jeanny said...

Kami ni hubz mahilig sa kimchi so madalas din kami s korean resto or kaya bibili kami sa mall ng bottle of kimchi. :)

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