Saturday, November 7, 2009

Okaka-Okaka, The Little Frog

I read children's books to my little girl everyday before bedtime. So far, she loved all the books I bought her. One of the books is entitled Okaka-Okaka, Ang Batang Palaka[the little frog]. It's about a young frog who's looking for a friend and has tried to befriend kittens, rabbits, bats and birds.

Ykaie developed fondness for Okaka-Okaka so on a recent trip to the mall,I bought her a frog stuffed toy and we named him Okaka. He is now a permanent mall companion and we take him wherever we go. I think this is going to be one of our choices for Halloween costumes next year.

Ykaie will be a cute little frog, don't you think so?

1 comment:

Dj Marinas said...

Ang cute naman ni Oka-Oka :-D

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