Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tokyo Cafe


Strawberry Orange Smoogee...very refreshing.This is what I would like to share for Ruby Tuesday today...

being the coffee lover that I am I ordered the Cafe Jelly Smoogee which is iced blended coffee with coffee jelly bits and whipped cream. Ykaie loved the whipped cream!

Sis and I shared the Aglio Olio Shrimp pasta which Ykaie loved as well.Baby girl

Hamburg Steak in Garlic White Sauce (P185)
The hamburgers are soft and juicy but the sauce is too creamy for me.. I should've ordered the one with gravy instead.

Ykaie can't wait to get her hands on the food when our orders arrived..hahaha

I wasn't able to get the price of everything except for the Hamburg Steak.And the overall taste of food is great but this restaurant is a bit pricey considering the serving of the dishes.
Tokyo Cafe is located at the 2nd level of SM The Block
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Anonymous said...

awww that looks refreshing yumm


Anonymous said...

yummy spread!

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Oh those drinks look good. Cute kid!

Dianne said...

Ykaie is so sweet!

the drinks look really good

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