Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy 11th month birthday, Ykaie!!

OMG! Last monthly birthday celeb na pala namin.Parang kelan lang we were just celebrating her first month...Baby girl Then next month, one year old na ang baby girl ko..Anyways, our theme for this month is,syempre, ano pa? Halloween!Kitty
Ang mga handa namin: Black Spaghetti, Spider cake, Eyeball cupcake, Spider Jelly and Blood Juice...and some Trick or Treat candies!
Black Spaghetti 

SpiderSpider Jelly and Eyeball Cupcake 
Blood Juice with Fangs as garnish
The celebrant, A cute little WITCH with her candies..
Mommy and Ykaie
At ang mga bisita, syempre si Cyra dressed as an ANGEL Angeland Thea as a pretty little DEVIL
Mukha bang Halloween??

Si Ykaie,takam na takam na sa cake..sinusunggaban nya...hahaha 
look at her without the witch hat...

Busyng-busy,nangangalkal ng  candies

 That concludes our "mini-party"...
Thanks for attending..See you next month!


Dianne said...

wow!! if that's a mini party what will the 1 year full blown celebration be like?

you can cater my parties any time!!

Anonymous said...

ay, natuwa ako sa black spaghetti! tsaka iyong drinks na may gagamba at iyong cupcakes na may mata hehehe!

Mommy Liz said...

How did you make the black spaghetti? Baka di kainin ng mga anak kong maseselan yan, hahaha. Ykaie must be a really really lucky child. She's so loved and special.
Ang galing mo sa decorations. You truly are a talented person.

Anonymous said...

awesome! 11th month plang yan ha, what more sa 1st bday! can't wait!:) thanks for playing!:) and happy halloween!

agent112778 said...

me want your pumpkin candy basket

eto aken lahok

magandang araw ka-lasa-ista :)
Salamat sa pagbisita :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Such an impressive spread for an 11th month celebration - bongga!

Am sure her 1st birthday would be an even bigger bash!

Happy LaPiS to you!

Anonymous said...

Super creative! I love the spider jelly and the eyeball cupcakes... did you make all those?! Ang galing.

Swerte ng baby mo... she will be so happy to see what you did when she grows a little older.

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