Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I don't really know the name of this plant but my mom grows this and it's just outfront of our house.


Felisol said...

Could it be some kind of a Mistletoe? They come with white or red berries, I know.
Like your peachkiss site a lot.
From felisol

Anonymous said...

I thought at first it's macopa, but when I enlarged the picture, it wasn't. very interesting. i wonder what's it called, too!

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Mojo said...

My first thought was cranberries... then ornamental crabapples... then ... I got nothin'

I wonder if they go well with Coke and Hot Wieners?

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Jim said...

Are the little nut-like pieces inside edible? They are pretty, someone will know, Mrs. Jim might know.

Leora said...

The shiny dark green leaves remind me of rhododendron. But not the berries. Doesn't look like a plant we would see here in New Jersey.

etteY said...

cool reds! ^_~.

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