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Ykaie's 2nd Birthday : Dora Garden Party

Ykaie's favorite cartoon character is Dora The Explorer. So we decided to have a Dora Garden Themed Birthday Party for her second birthday. Sis and I worked really hard for this garden themed party.I don't have a lot of pictures this time. Super Haggard ako kakaluto.Here are the pictures:

Special Thanks to Nongnang Roman for helping with the preparations... Di na nakapagpa-picture at haggard na ang lola Roman nyo!

A closer look: Spaghetti, peanutbutter & Jelly Sandwich, Salami and Cheese Roll-ups, Caramel Apple, Rockin' Barbecue, Sweet Chili Meatballs, Cheese and Sausage Florets, Fresh Fruit kabobs, garden Sugar Cookies, Cutie Cupcakes and Dirt Cakes.

Ykaie eating lollipop...

Dora paper plates,napkins and cups

These are the prizes for the party games. Sayang at umulan nung hapon kaya naman hindi natuloy yung ibang parlor games.

We had a Candy Bar. We gave the guests some Dora lootbags and let them put their own candy loots in their bag! I can tell they had so much fun.

We had chips, some salted pretzels and of course, Cheese Fountain to drizzle over those yummies!We had some taco beef on the side for toppings.

Since its a Garden Party, Ykaie's cake were dirt cakes. Sis made the "big cake" in the Wheelbarrow and I made the little cuppies in those cute terracota pots.

The Piñata

The pabitin and palayok

Here we are, getting ready to sing the "Happy Birthday" song.

Ykaie loved it and asked for an encore of the "Happy Birthday" song. She blew the candle twice...heehee

Ykaie at the Cheese fountain

In this picture: my cousin ate Thess. She hosted the parlor games. Seated are nieces: Chellie and Shy and My good friend Rence and Hubby Allan.

Too many to mention dito sa picture na ito..hahaha. Na-cut pa si Tita Dj, Si Tito Mark lang ang kita.

In this picture: si peanutbutter at Tita Eva pinapabasag na kay Ykaie yung isa sa mga palayok para makapag-agawan na yung mga kids.

Tita Cecil and her three princesses

Its really a good thing that we had taken a few pictures before it rained. A few minutes after this pictures was taken, it rained and everybody went inside.We never got to continue the parlor games.

Ykaie was caught sneaking some candy from the candy!

Rence and Bren. Bren was able to come too but she was kinda late. These are my good friends from highschool and Ykaie's godmoms. We talked until around 10pm.

Ykaie was so excited to open her was so hard to make her smile and pose first before opening her gifts.

 I hope you had a great time despite of the rain.You made it so memorable for my little angel.
Thank you so much for coming to Ykaie's 2nd Birthday everyone!

For the close up of the Party Food go to The Peach Kitchen.[<< click]

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Dj Marinas said...

super enjoy ako sa party ni ykaie kasi im a kid at heart. kinain ko yung chips na may cheese tska yung fruit skewers. pati loot bag ni marianna ako nag lagay ng laman. saya. kahit medyo inulan, i would say success naman ang effort ni mommy peachy at tita pinky. ano naman kaya theme sa 3rd bday ni ykaie? looking forward to that, he he.

Jen Policarpio said...

with all the colors and candies who won't enjoy ykaie's birthday! grabeh panalo ang party mommy peach!

anney said...

yehey!! Ang saya-saya!!!

le ricette del glutine scomparso said...

hello I'm writing from italy I wanted you my congratulations for your blog ...
many auguroni for your child, you did very well have organized a birthday party pretty nice with some great things to eat ..

Mommy Liz said...

Super bongga naman ng birthday ni Ykaie, as in super!! Ang gaganda ng handa.Hehehe. Kelan kaya ako makapag gawa ng ganyan kagandang party theme.. Congtrats to Peachy and ate Anney!! And Belated Happy Birthday to Ykaie.

Unknown said...

Amazing naman! Next business op, party planner!!!

JonaBQ said...

cheese fountain pala to. lots of thoughts and efforts are obvious in here. great job! magkano kaya ang nagastos nya sa party na to?

A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Kero said...

wow. that was a grand party! Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!

my entry is here

Kero said...

wow. that was a grand celebration!

Happy birthday to your lovely daughter :)

Chatty said...

loved the Dora theme! I'm sure it was a success! Happy birthday, Ykaie! :)

Tita Ces said...

Hi Peach , I was checking on your blog, and this caught my attention "pictures with my 3 princesses "...hehehe. Thanks Peach. Happy Halloween to you guys : )

Tina said...

wow sure it was a superb birthday.. I am also planning for a Dora party for my little princess who will turn 2 this weekend.. kaya mega search ng mga ideas thats why I came to your blog..

thanks sis!

Kassie said...

Hi, I'm trying to have a *successful* cheese fountain & it appears that you pulled it off! I was hoping you could tell me the brand of fountain & the kind of cheese that you used. I'd really appreciate it!!!

peachkins said...

the brand of the fountain is Dowell and the cheese that we used is velveeta & cheez whiz mixed with a little evaporated milk...

Anonymous said...

Hi, i really love your party.. My daughter also love dora.. May i know how you did your tarpuline. And where you buy other dora supplies.. Hope you reply.. Thankyou

Unknown said...

Hi mommy, u deserved a big applause !!!!

I'm so impressed by what u have done for your little girl, may I know where u get the banner and all the kits with dora, I'm planning one party for my girl too,also 2 yr old

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