Friday, June 12, 2009


It's been a very long time since my sister who calls herself Anney and I had some Subway sandwiches. This is because some of the stores had closed down. Few people really appreciate sandwiches in a rice consuming country but this is gradually changing.
Last Sunday, we had lunch at Subway Glorietta and boy! did we miss these sandwiches! Sis even had two 6-inch sandwiches. (takaw talaga!)
This afternoon, before grocery shopping, we found out that the Subway at {SM} The Annex is now opened. At ang pangit daw ng first choice na pwesto namin.Sa tabi ng basurahan..wehehe.This post is way too serious, not very gay, therefore, not very me.

 There are many sandwiches to choose from. Ang pinili namin ay ang bonggang-bonggang Subway Club: Sliced Chicken, Ham and Roast Beef. Then you have four types of bread to choose from: Italian, Wheat, Honey Oat and Parmesan Oregano.We chose Parmesan Oregano.

Next step, pipili ka naman ng veggies for your sandwich and we wanted everything on it. That's cheese, lettuce, olives, onions, bell pepper, jalapeƱo,tomato, and cucumber. Then top it off with your favorite dressing.
I had honey mustard and sweet onion.Si sis naman, mustard-mayo yata.

6-inch Subway Club Sandwich (P150)
Pwede mo sya gawin meal for an additional P60. You'll have a drink and chips or two cookies. Pwede mo rin syang gawing footlong for an additional P95. Ganun ginawa namin ni sis then pina-half namin, mas mura.
Ykaie is picking out lettuce from mommy's sammie. Mahilig kasi yan sa salad with honey mustard dressing.
O diba? puro mustard ang bibig? hahaha

an entry for.

2nd Floor
SM, The Annex
(beside The White Hat)


Willa said...

i always love their meatballs, so yummy! btw, ang cute nyong mag ina. :)

Anonymous said...

at least nakagala na ay kumain pa ng masarap na pagkain..try ko nga rin yan minsan ah..

Erica said...

Hey girlie! I haven't been to subway in forever but I love their bread! Every time I walk buy one, I want to get a sammie just from the delicious smell alone. Cute pics of the little one ;)

anney said...

Na miss ko na naman!! kain uli tayuuuu

pet said...

tignan mo tong si tita anney nagyayaya na naman kumain, paano ang diet mo tita anney masisira na naman yan, wahahahaha

Jackie said...

I don't why I find subway sandwiches to be very good and healthy but I prefer quiznos. Love that pic with your little girl, she's such a cutie pie

Zee said...

hahahah so cute Peach! :) I'm all for the $5 foot longs! hehehehe :)

Rossel said...

hmmm...hindi pa ako nakapunta dyan a. makapasyal nga. thanks pala sa birthday greeting. tanda ko!

meron akong babyblog. sana makapasyal ka din and paki-add na din.hehe.

Twinkie said...

Hello Peachkins! I love, love Subway! Our bread is Italian Herb and Cheese with Marina Meatballs. Hay! Makapag-pabili nga mamaya. Hahaha!

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