Friday, June 5, 2009

This is very exciting!

My former snack swap partner and one of the moderators at It's what we do!, a snack swapping community  is currently here in the Philippines and we are planning to meet personally on Sunday. Her name is Jill and she's from Tacoma,WA.I am sooo excited.

Just a refresher. She's the one who sent me all these goodies and if you're interested to know what I sent her, Click here: Philippines to US.

This is very exciting. How many times does snack swap partners get to meet in person?

I've already thought of what to give her on Sunday. Something she won't be able to buy at the mall. Can you guess what those are?

Good night.

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Rossel said...

wow!sana may dala syang!

pet said...

oi, ang dami naman nyan...hmmmm, penge....waaaaaa

Reagan D said...

lagi naman ako ginugutom dito. penge!haha

saul krisna said...

ahhhh penge naman mommy peach... hahahahaha di mo ako binigyan ng baon eh... kaya tsokoleyt na lang hahahaha kaso wag tataba ako ulit ....

anney said...

ako alam ko kung ano? may premyo ba makahula??

MsCandyBlush said...

Shocks, those are so yummy. hehe, mukang tataba ako sa tingin lng haha!

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