Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner at Pancake House

Yesterday was MIL's 63rd Birthday and we celebrated today by going out and seeing AVATAR.Yes I know, peanutbutter, Ykaie and I have seen the movie..... but what the heck! We saw it again ---- in 3D this time....
We went to the mall earlier because I wanted to check out some shoes for peanutbutter.Well, I wanna check out lots of things as well but I know I wouldn't be able to check 'em out with him.I found two really really beautiful earrings pero my gas! the price is like P1,600 and P1,200 and they're not even made of gold! I think I would ONLY be able to buy one of those earrings if I lose 10 lbs. Parang reward, ganun.

And so in we go at the cinema --with Cherry Lemonade, Popcorn and Nachos.
MIL and Ykaie busy coloring a page given by a Pancake House staff.
...and out to dinner at Pancake House after.
French Toast (P89) - slices of toast dipped in milk, eggs and cinnamon then fried. Its is served with maple syrup
I was already feeling stuffed so I just ordered French Toast. Their salad did not sound so appealing.
Classic Pancake (P116)
MIL and peanutbutter both ordered pancakes. I didn't know they felt full as well.
Breakfast Steak (P347)
This was for FIL.Ykaie had extra order of their vienna sausage which is canned vienna sausage. I'll have to remind myself not to order that one again.
Coffee for everyone. Sometimes its nice to have breakfast for dinner....

and a cheat day.Hay, remember your diet peachkins....


caloy said...

wow! yummy.. i miss eating at Pancake House..

Anya said...

sarap ng pancake...

okay lang ang 1day na pass sa diet peachy, basta after that balik na agad para makuha ang pot money, hehe.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

aliw at nagutom ako sa post mo... maganda ba ang avatat? sabi kasi mahaba eh.. have a nice week =)

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