Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Bedtime Discoveries with Johnson & Johnson

Watching our baby sleep is one of the things that brings such joy to being a mother. Yesterday, I was very fortunate to have attended Johnson Baby Bedtime Discovery at the Ascott Residences. It was fun learning about the Science of Sleep.
Dr. Luis Rivera, a Fellow of the Philippine Society for Sleep Medicine, explained how important sleep is to our baby's growth and well-being. He shared to us that during sleep, there are three times more growth hormones that are released than when babies are awake. He further explained the importance of a regular bedtime routine in order to keep our babies well-rested during the time they are sleeping.
Johnson & Johnson together with some midwives shared with us the 3-Step Bedtime Time Routine that is clinically proven to stretch your baby´s sleep by as much as 23%.
Step 1: A warm bath or "punas"
 A nice warm bath or even a simple ´punas´ with JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Bath will set the tone for your baby bedtime routine. The warmth of the water, coupled with your gentle, lathering touch will soothe baby. Once you´ve established this as a regular nighttime routine, the bath will signal your baby that she´s on her way to bed.Enjoy the moment... your baby definitely will!
Step 2 : A soothing massage
The midwives shared with us the I-Love-You massage and the Milking massage which will not only get your baby ready for sleep, infant massage or Touch Therapy also has clinically proven benefits and has been shown to contribute to healthy weight gain, improve babies´ immunity and calm then when they are irritable. Spread JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Baby Lotion on your palms then stroke her with a gentle motion.
Step 3: Quiet Time
JOHNSON´S® Baby Powder is perfect before you begin quiet time. Quiet time is the time when you bond with your baby while you hush her to sleep. Read her a bedtime story, sing a lullaby or simply softly talk her to sleep.Your voice, familiar to her from birth, will cradle her into dreamland.
Lovely and very pregnant Christine Bersola-Babao hosted the event [feeling close talaga ako..hahahah]
 Beth, me and BFF, DJ
I am so glad to finally meet fellow blogger Beth in person.She was really nice. It's also nice to share this event with my BFF, DJ. [Ano beh? Napapagitnaan ako ng dalawang payat. Sa susunod na picture taking payat na din ako...hahaha.]. I really had such a great time at this event and I learned a lot about the science of sleep.
Thank you so much for the goodie bag J&J! I can finally apply the 3-Step Bedtime Routine to my little girl!
I just wanna share with you what we had for lunch....
Lentil Soup
...and this. 
Another cheat day for me....heehee


Dj Marinas said...

Saya nito, nag enjoy ako. tnx a lot for forcing them to let me come, hehe.

Nicely said...

Your blogs are interesting! Hope to see you in other Nuffnang & blog events!

Btw, you might want to help me win by commenting on my Century Tuna Superbos Run post.

The link is here:

Thanks and more power!

maggie said...

di ka naman nangsasama eh :(

pet said...

ayan at nagkita na pala kayo ni mommy beth, nagkagulatan ba kayo? hihihihihihi

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

LOL FC si Tin Bersola sa yo haha.. sana maka-attend din ako ng mga ganyan, di ko pa na-experience makakita ng bloggers.. sana makita din kita someday, pag uwi ko pinas this year.

Willa said...

Para kayong amgkamuka ni Tintin Bersola.

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