Friday, January 22, 2010

Random Thoughts and Updates on a Friday Morning

Coffee & Coffee Cheesecake? Only a coffee lover junkie would order such me. This is CBTL's The Ultimate Mocha Drink and coffee cheesecake. I enjoyed every single bite of that cheesecake. Hmmnn.. now what's brewing?

Yesterday, while Ykaie was taking her aftie nap. peanutbutter and I was able to sneak in some "US" time. We were able to cuddle and talk about things...... it was nice. We should sneak more often,hee.

Looking forward for some mall time on monday with the fam. Already have my list of things to check out. One of them is my fave brand of Jeans.

Planning on making Granola out of that rolled oats in the kitchen. Or else it won't be eaten and would be in the kitchen forever. I have to buy some ingredients.

Looking forward to an event on January 30. Will get to go out  and have bonding time with BFF, DJ.

Chellie's Mexican Themed birthday celeb is on Sunday. Yay! The kids [nieces] will be present.There will be Tacos and Quesadillas. I'll be making the dips for the chips. I love family events!

GOOD MORNING everyone!


Gloria Baker said...

This cheesecake look really awesome! gloria

Anya said...

di ako mahilig sa coffee pero kapag ganyan ang ipapakain at ipapainom mo sa akin, go ako anytime, hehe.

i♥pinkc00kies said...

i love coffee too.. or any cake/ pastries that's coffee-flavored :) is the cheesecake really good??

PageRank Check said...

I love to have this on my breakfast

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