Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shopping for Clothes

I browsed around the net a few weeks ago because I wanted to buy some new  holiday clothes to wear this season. When I went to the mall to go shopping for my holiday clothes, I found out I really gained some pounds because nothing fits! I was really upset. It would be very hard for me to buy clothes from Baby Phat and Juicy Couture because they won't fit anymore. These are my favorite brands, I tell you. If tops from these brands don't fit, How can I buy a complete wardrobe?

So I've decided, one of my New Year's Resolution is to go on a diet starting today. For the meantime, I guess have to wear plus-size clothes. Shopping for plus-size clothes is made easy by Shopwiki is the most comprehensive shopping site available because it seeks out every store on the internet.

After browsing Shopwiki, I think I calmed down a bit.Plus-size clothes are not so bad because they also look great. Its just that I would want to fit into my old clothes and my favorite brands again. And when I do, I know I'll be browsing Shopwiki for some Baby Phat Jeans, and some Juicy Couture dress....

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