Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hope Ykaie Gets Well Soon

Ykaie hasn't been feeling well for a couple of days now. Just last night, she had fever again and her temperature rose to 38.8. It's a good thing I keep all the medicines that she could possibly need. I gave her a dose of paracetamol and put some cold towels in her forehead.

Today, she's had slight fever and coughs. We're back to drinking Lagundi Syrup thrice a day. I had to force her to eat because she's lost her appetite. I can only make her drink medicine or eat food while she's watching cartoons.Torrents Search and Download has really been a great help. It makes downloading fast and easy. I've managed to download Beauty and the Beast, Tinkerbell and The Little Mermaid for Ykaie. These are her favorite cartoons and she never gets tired of watching them. Now she is sound asleep in her crib.

I hope she feels well in the morning.


Trissa said...

Hope she gets well soon!

edward said...

thanks for sharing

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