Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buying an Oven

I don't bake period. The first time I tried baking was around six years ago. I attempted to make Millionaires Shortbread Cookies. It is shortbread cookies topped with dulce de leche and chocolate. I'd say I'm pretty much successful but it was too sweet for me. I wanted to make it again and I wanted to try my hands on a little baking.We only have a convection oven toaster in our house. Its temperature is only up to 220° which mean I will be limited on what I can do.

Just the other day, sis and I were talking about buying an oven. She wanted to buy an oven because she loves baking. I wanted to buy an oven because I wanted to try it. The problem with ovens, is that they are too big and we have very limited space in the house. Another convection oven toaster that has temperature of up to 450° would be ideal because it is smaller in size and has the same function. The problem would be figuring out what the best toaster oven available is.
I would ask sis to look into Kitchen Aid Toaster Oven. She might like it and buy one.

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Kurdistan said...

finding the proper oven is big problem hope u find what u want

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