Friday, January 29, 2010

On mails and mailboxes

I have this thing for Mailboxes. No, I don't like receiving bills,silly..heehee. But I must admit electric bills, cable bills and telephone bills are just about the only things that comes through the mail box these days.In this day and age of computers, it is easier to send out letters through e-mails and there are also some e-cards available. But it is really nice to send or receive some snail mails and traditional cards to and from people you care about once in a while, specially if it goes through a really cute Mailbox.

What we have right now is a wall mount mailbox..... a really old wall mount mailbox. It would be really nice if I can change it to a single-unit mailbox like the picture on the right. I'm thinking it would be a nice front yard decor too!

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