Friday, August 15, 2008

Toast Box

Before going home,what we did was........ano fa? kumain ulit..We went to Toast Box.Gusto ko kasi try yung Singaporean Kaya.I heard na masarap off we went.
Kaya is a Singaporean local spread mixture of egg and coconut.A little bit like leche flan mixed with matamis na bao or latik.It is also called Srikaya, from the word meaning "rich" in Malay based on its golden color.Sometimes it has a green or darker brown color depending on the pandan leaves mixed in it or the caramelization of sugar.

Filipino coconut jam is made from coconut cream and sugar or molasses.
I ordered the Toast Box Set: 1 Thick Kaya Toast, 2 soft-boiled eggs & kopi or teh
of course,I had kopi
Ate also ordered the Toast Box Set but had Thick toast with Pork Floss and condensed milk.She also ordered a specialty drink,  hot Horlicks,which is a malt drink.

Weird yung sawsawan ng eggs..parang soy sauce na may powdered chuva..haha..I don't know what it's called.

But it's good.Even the coffee taste different pero masarap.
Better try it if you happen to be in Trinoma.

                                                                        Ykaie wants more toast

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

we've tried their branch in Singapore.. really yummy! i wanna try it here in Manila...

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