Sunday, August 3, 2008


Good Morning!!It's 12:18am.Let's have coffee...ang proposed midnight snack.Hmmmnnn...Clover Chips Cheese Flavor at coffee..masarap kayang combination ito? At coffee in a mug with Christmas design???Magpapasko na ba??

It's been one hell of a loooong day today! Akalain mo ba naman na 3am na ako mag-close ng shop last night and ,as usual, I woke up at 7am and opened up at around 7:30.It's the weekend dami gamers. Waaaaah! so bangag!

But I like the weather today.Since early morning malamig.At dahil malamig,may bago na akong service sa shop ngayon (Nge,anong konek?): I now make Invitations (for birthdays,baptism..basta for all occassions) and I'll also do lay-outs for Tarpaulins (for all occassions din).
Ok diba?

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