Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Goals

Today, I woke up early. I think I might have been twisting and turning for a couple of hours before I decided to just get out of bed. Our bed room wall clock said it was 5am. I never wake up at 5am. It's always 6am. This is unusual for me. I think this maybe is a sign of might be a positive sign because at this very moment I want to make a list of the things I want to accomplish this month.

Last month, I decided to start on a diet to lose weight. It was the South Beach Diet. I've been posting SBD recipes in my food blog -The Peach Kitchen. My weight last month was 156lbs. As of today, I lost 11lbs and my current weight is 145lbs. That is my biggest accomplishment for the month of August. My second accomplishment is that I did it without feeling hungry or depriving myself of anything because I allowed cheat days. Third is that, I was able to have an adventure with food. I managed to cook meals that is both delicious and healthy.

My goals/to-do list this month are:
Continue posting SBD recipes and lose ten more pounds.
Clean my computers here at the shop
Banapple with Rome and Anney
Ykaie day
  Organize/Clean our bedroom

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