Monday, September 6, 2010

Great Giveaway

I am a self-proclaimed foodie. I love cooking and eating out in restaurants. I also own food-themed items like earrings and bags. I have cookies, sandwiches, chili, eggplant, and grape earrings. I also love food themed shirts and shirts that has funny saying or funny images in them. I have a shirt that has a picture of milk and cookies that says "made for each other". I have a shirt that says "Seeking Tall, Dark and Rich.......cup of coffee". I have green m&m shirt. I have a shirt that has a pb&j sandwich.

I guess everybody loves these kinds of shirts nowadays. You can see them sold around in malls and online. If you are looking for a perfect gift or a perfect giveaway for a special occasion then custom t-shirts  are perfect!. They are cute, useful and they are such an "in" thing right now. If you own a business, personalized giveaways are much better giveaway because you can give out something that's also a part of you to  your customers. You can also give out other custom items if you don't like t-shirts. Items such as mugs, umbrellas or pens. I gave out funny posters once. I think my customers loved it. Funny Posters are a great giveaway when most of your customers are male. You can make your own or adapt something from Funny or Die. They'll think it's hilarious.

1 comment:

icedgurl said...

one of the best custom made by my bestfriend is a glass with our picture. it was hand-made. :-)

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