Friday, September 17, 2010

Going Hawaiian

For our next backyard party or barbecue, I think I wanna go hawaiian again. The last one we had was just a mini-luau and it was more or less than two years ago. It was when Ykaie turned 10 months old. Can you believe how long ago was that?

I love Luaus! Everybody is cute and you could get as funky as you want.You can also be as sexy as you want. Just take a look at Ykaie, all it took was some garter,straws and some floral printed cloths and she had a costume. The same with her cousin Cyra, the one on the left.

I want our next luau party to be as authentic as it can be.From the grass skirts, the menu, the music and the design of the venue. I also want some luau banners all over the place and of course, some lei for the guests.

What do you think, sis??? Let's go Hawaiian on my birthday??


Rome Diwa said...

ay gusto ko nyan. pearly shells teh!

Vic said...

ang cute naman dito ni ykaie! baby pa ata siya dito. gusto ko din yan, pwede ba yan sa wedding? hehe..

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